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Web Performance Matters: Challenges, Solutions, Best Practices


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At Cloudflare, we not only protect 12 million domains against DDoS attacks with our global network but also accelerate their performance. Our 150+ data centers all over the world puts us in a key position to serve content from the edge to the end users, blazingly fast.

Join this webinar to learn about:

• How performance affects your revenue
• What is the right metric to measure and how
• Challenges in achieving an optimal performance on your web assets
• How to improve your website’s performance and user-experience
• Learn from industry experts on best practices for improving web performance

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Web Performance Matters: Challenges, Solutions, Best Practices

  1. 1. Web Performance Matters Anand Guruprasad, Solutions Engineer, Cloudflare Nithyanand Mehta, Director of Technical Services, Catchpoint November, 2018
  2. 2. Introduction Nithyanand Mehta Director of Technical Services Catchpoint Anand Guruprasad Solutions Engineer Cloudflare
  3. 3. Agenda • Industry landscape • Challenges • Solutions • Best Practices
  4. 4. Why is performance so important?
  5. 5. “As soon as our site got faster we noticed a definite increase in customer retention.” Mobile player drop-rate is 20-40% if initial load times are over a minute long.
  6. 6. Performance directly impacts revenue. To understand how performance impacts revenue, we have to meticulously track 4 key Business Metrics: ● Conversion Rate ● Bounce Rate ● Page Views ● Revenue
  7. 7. Challenges 1. Bloating Webpages 2. Prevalence of JavaScript 3. Un-optimized Images 4. Penetration of Mobile Devices 5. Dynamic Content
  8. 8. Challenge Bloating Webpages
  9. 9. Approx. 60% of the websites have gotten heavier by 1 – 2 MB Approx. 15% of the websites have gotten heavier by more than 2 – 3 MB Approx. 15 % of reduced their page size by 1 MB
  10. 10. Solution Caching
  11. 11. Move content closer to eyeball 155+ Data centers globally 2.5B Monthly active visitors generating 1.3 trillion page view 10%Internet requests everyday websites, apps & APIs in 150+ countries >12,000,000 2x Speed up each request by
  12. 12. Move content closer to eyeball Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring helps monitor the End User & CDN Edge Mapping
  13. 13. Challenge Prevalence of JavaScript
  14. 14. Prevalence of JavaScript 50% of Websites had increase in overall Script Size by 0.1 – 1.3 MB. 20% of Websites had decrease in overall Script Size by 0.1 -0.8 MB.
  15. 15. JavaScript Performance directly impacts User Experience
  16. 16. Solution Rocket Loader™
  17. 17. Rocket Loader™: JavaScript Optimization ● Prioritize getting your content in front of your visitors faster ● Deferring the loading of all of your JavaScript until after rendering ● Improves ○ Time to first paint ○ DOM load time ○ Render Start time
  18. 18. Rocket Loader™: JavaScript Optimization Figure. 1 Figure. 2
  19. 19. Challenge Heavy, un-optimized images
  20. 20. Unoptimized images leads to poor page load times
  21. 21. Solution Polish Image Compression
  22. 22. Polish: Image Optimization Lossless Only strips metadata, but doesn't change the image Lossy Strips metadata and Compresses image to ~"85%" WebP Creates and caches a WebP version and delivers to browsers that accept it
  23. 23. Challenge Mobile Devices Penetration
  24. 24. Mobile Device Penetration Percentage of all global web pages served to mobile phones from 2009 to 2018
  25. 25. Solution Mirage Mobile Image Optimization
  26. 26. Mirage: Mobile Image Optimization ● Delivers Your Content the Fastest Way Possible Using Visitor Profile Information ● Reduces image loading time by streamlining all requests into one. ● Designed With Mobile Visitors in Mind ● Requires no hardware or software and can be enabled with a single click.
  27. 27. Challenge Dynamic Content
  28. 28. Solution Argo Smart Routing
  29. 29. Dynamic Route Optimization: Argo Smart Routing Origin Connection Reuse Minimize latency imposed by TCP connection-setup Congestion Avoidance Routing decisions using real-world network conditions Congested Network Path Unreliable Connection Faster Loading Times Internet node / hop Cloudflare Data Centers Cloudflare’s private network 20 Tbps throughput, with 155+ PoPs in 75+ countries
  30. 30. Customer Case Studies 38% Global Performance Increase CDN1 Cloudflare with Argo
  31. 31. Takeaways: Best Practices 1. Serve Content closer to eyeball -> Caching 2. JavaScript Optimization -> Rocket Loader™ 3. Image Optimization a. Image Compression - Polish b. Mobile Image Optimization - Mirage 4. Dynamic Route Optimization ->Argo Smart Routing
  32. 32. Cloudflare Contact us at: Questions? Catchpoint Contact us at: