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Cloudflare Load Balancing for Monitoring Origin Server Health and Automatic Failover


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Cloudflare Load Balancing safeguards your website, web app, or API from service disruptions, with local and global traffic load balancing, geographic routing, server health checks, and failover, ensuring the continuous availability of critical resources. View the slide deck of this educational webinar and configuration demo of Cloudflare Load Balancing.

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Cloudflare Load Balancing for Monitoring Origin Server Health and Automatic Failover

  1. 1. Cloudflare Load Balancing for Monitoring Origin Server Health and Automatic Failover
  2. 2. Sergi Isasi Product Manager Cloudflare Brady Gentile Product Marketing Cloudflare Speakers
  3. 3. // Agenda • Housekeeping (1 Min.) • Cloudflare Overview (5 Min.) • Load Balancing Overview (10 Min.) • New and Upcoming Load Balancing Functionalities (5 Min.) • Dashboard Configuration Demo (10 Min.) • Load Balancing Case Study (2 Min.) • Q&A (5 Min.) • Special Announcement (1 Min.)
  4. 4. Housekeeping ● Stay to the end to get presentation slides and recording ● Ask questions in the “Questions” chat box in ReadyTalk ● We’ll triage all questions at the end of the presentation ● All attendees are muted
  5. 5. Cloudflare Differentiators Scale Global network to handle legitimate or illegitimate traffic while delivering content closer to visitors. Ease-of-use Users can easily and quickly make fine-grained configurations to improve performance and security posture. Integrated Security & Performance Improve performance through integrated traffic acceleration and low-latency security services
  6. 6. // Scale of Cloudflare’s Network
  7. 7. 119 Data centers globally Cloudflare’s Global Anycast Network 2x Speeds up each request by 10%Internet requests everyday 5M Requests/second 7M+ websites, apps, & APIs in 150+ countries 2.5B monthly active visitors generating 1.3 trillion page views
  8. 8. // Integrated Security & Performance
  9. 9. Security Threats SYSTEM DDoS Attack Attack traffic impacts availability or performance Data Theft Attempt Compromise of sensitive customer data Bots Prevent malicious bots from abusing site or application Webpage
  10. 10. Performance Challenges INFRASTRUCTURE Unavailable Applications Overloaded or unavailable infrastructure stop users from accessing applications Slow Webpages, Applications, and API Heavy pages and long distance from the origin slow down webpages, applications, API Webpage Mobile Slow Mobile Sites and Apps Mobile clients introduce performance and content delivery constraints that hurt user experience Users
  11. 11. // Load Balancing Overview
  12. 12. Load Balancing Challenges © 2017 Cloudflare Inc. All rights reserved. 12 Service Disruptions Increased Latency No visibility into the availability of services Traffic gets dropped Servers are over-utilized Traffic is routed to remote servers Visitor
  13. 13. Americas • Health checks with fast failover • Global and local load balancing American Consumers European Consumers Origin Pool Asian Consumers Europe Origin Pool Asia Origin Pool Configuration made simple • Easy configuration through Cloudflare’s dashboard, or automation through a powerful API DDoS Resilient Service • Anycast network that is 10X bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded ensures traffic continues to be routed even under stress Global DNS Network • Health checks from each of Cloudflare’s datacenters enables fast failover unbound by DNS propagation delays Cloudflare Load Balancing
  14. 14. New Session Affinity Functionality Persistent Sessions • Cloudflare Load Balancing with Session Affinity directs all end-user requests of a session to a specific origin. No Application Changes • Cloudflare handles session affinity by setting a cookie with the initial response to the client. No changes to web applications are required. Simple Configuration • Session affinity is enabled by checking a box within the Load Balancing configuration panel in the Cloudflare dashboard.
  15. 15. Multi-Cloud with Cloudflare Load Balancing Avoid Outages & Avoid Lock-In • Load Balancing can be used across multiple cloud providers infrastructure to mitigate the impact of disruptions caused by a single provider or server. Native Kubernetes Integration • The Cloudflare Warp Ingress Controller connects Kubernetes ® and Cloudflare so that when spinning up new applications, scaling out existing applications, and shifting programs across cloud regions or cloud providers, Cloudflare remains a single pane of glass for setting security policies and monitoring traffic.
  16. 16. Coming Soon Load Balancing Event Logs Review Event History • When did my Origin go down? • Was my Pool still healthy? • Why? (error codes) Filter by Criteria • Status • Specific Pools or Origins Reach out to for exclusive access to our beta program.
  17. 17. // Load Balancing Configuration Demo
  18. 18. Demo Environment Zone: • Two Origins (Wordpress on DigitalOcean) • San Francisco: • London: To be created: • One LB for the entire zone • Two Pools, One Origin each • Layer 7 health checks w/ email notifications • Geo Routing for Western US and Western Europe
  19. 19. Challenges ● International expansion brought latency issues in delivering dynamic content from origin servers. ● New origin servers in Chicago and London Cloudflare Solution ● Failover ensures site resilience even when origin servers go down. ● Geo-location based routing ensures that customers are routed to the closest possible origin servers for reduced latency. ● A Cloudflare Data Center delivers the vast majority of content, eliminating origin traffic and ensuring a good end user experience. Active Solutions helps their customer, Great Rail Journeys, extend their vacation platform globally by using Cloudflare’s Load Balancing. “The Failover feature of Load Balancing was important for us because it ensures Great Rail Journeys’ customers don’t notice a difference in the case that a local origin server goes down.” -Nigel Hepworth, Managing Director, Active Solutions Limited studies/greatrailjourneys/
  20. 20. // Resources ● Cloudflare Load Balancing Product Page ● Technical Blog Posting: Introducing Load Balancing & Intelligent Failover with Cloudflare ● Great Rail Journeys Load Balancing Case Study ● Introducing the Cloudflare Warp Ingress Controller for Kubernetes ● Configure Load Balancing Walkthrough - Cloudflare Knowledge Base Article
  21. 21. // Q&A
  22. 22. The FCC Wants to Kill Net Neutrality - Use Battle for the Net on Cloudflare Apps to Fight Back Because the FCC is voting to strike down net neutrality on December 14th, the Battle for the Net app is once again live on Cloudflare Apps. Use it! This app allows site owners to add a pop-up to their sites that will directly connect users to their respective US congresspeople so they may articulate their stance for net neutrality.