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Building the best video app experience

Video publishers are outgrowing YouTube, largely because they lose a significant degree of control over their users’ viewing experience. What are some the factors to consider when exploring affordable video publishing platforms?

View this presentation where we cover the basics of video delivery and publishing, including the following:

-Video 101, what you need to know about video
-Common tools to deliver video (YouTube, AWS etc.)
-Cloudflare’s approach to video delivery and publishing
-Examples of customer video deployments with Cloudflare

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Building the best video app experience

  1. 1. Building the best video app experience An introduction to video publishing
  2. 2. Derek Yee Product Marketing Cloudflare Andy Silverstein Product Strategy Cloudflare Introduction - Cloudflare We are helping build a better internet - making it more secure, reliable, and faster
  3. 3. ● Purpose of today’s webinar ● Why Video? ● Understanding the video journey ● Era of YouTube and social media ● Vimeo - answering the YouTube problem ● Moving beyond YouTube & Vimeo ● How Cloudflare can help Agenda
  4. 4. Why Video
  5. 5. of online marketers use video content to engage their customers(3) Consumer Video-on-Demand (VoD) traffic will nearly double by 2021(2) By 2021, ~80% of internet traffic will be video Internet Traffic from Video(1) 2x 2016 63% 82% 2021 87% Source: (1) & (2) Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast & Methodology, 2016 -2021 (3) Forbes Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing
  6. 6. Understanding the video journey
  7. 7. ● Short and long-form content ● Mature creators who have built some form of brand/ subject-matter recognition ● Looking to diversify from YouTube and direct more traffic to personal website ● Short-form content ● Cross-channel presence on YouTube, instagram etc ● Creating a brand/ following Where are you in the video journey? Budding Video Enthusiast Video Blogger/ Personal website Web / Application Developer Enterprise ● Enabling customers build advanced video experience - Someone making the next snapchat ● Looking for ease-to-use, customizable, and affordable video solution ● Building superior video experience for both internal and external stakeholders (Customers, employees, partners etc)
  8. 8. Who can you partner with?
  9. 9. Era of YouTube and social media
  10. 10. When you’re in early stages of building your brand / following - Go for social media platforms… YouTube - The elephant in the room Pros ● Excellent platform for discovery and community building ● Ease of use - quick, free solution ● Reach across a wide range of audience ● Easily embed YouTube links on webpage ● Monetize through Ads Cons ● No personalized branding ● No control over ads played with your video ● Viewers likely to be distracted by recommended videos ● Videos could be removed from the platform at a short notice
  11. 11. User Story Istanbul-based food recipe YouTube channel with over 1 million subscriber ● Platform: YouTube ● Key requirement: Attract audience globally and build a base of loyal followers ● Issues faced: ○ As they grew, they wanted to diversify away from YouTube by directing followers to their own webpage ○ Customize the player on their website to promote their brand and other partnerships When do you move beyond YouTube?
  12. 12. What about Vimeo?
  13. 13. Cons ● Lags behind in discovery, analytics, and number of users ● Poor rendering for long form content ● Restriction on load limits ● Limited monetization options ● Poor API upload experience ● Storage limitations Pros ● Personalized branding ● Greater audience engagement due to the focus on creative arts and music ● No Ads ● Choose who views the video. Password protection available What about Vimeo?
  14. 14. User Story UK-based Yoga Studio offering video on demand yoga lessons to their customers ● Player: Vimeo ● Key requirement: uninterrupted streaming even if bandwidth is bad ● Issues faced: Buffering issues that remained unresolved; Result - poor user experience When do you move beyond Vimeo?
  15. 15. Moving beyond YouTube & Vimeo
  16. 16. Option 1: Build it Yourself
  17. 17. Video Landscape - Key components Storage / hosting The location where your video files can be stored and, in many cases, from where they are served to visitors. Examples include: hosting providers, cloud providers, on-premise, or a hybrid of the above. Encoding / Transcoding The process that reduces the size of video so it's easier for a user to download the processed video. All videos on the Internet are encoded at some point. Distribution (CDN) Content Delivery Networks are used to cache and distribute video content, closest to where visitors are located. Video Player Responsible for ingesting video and creating a user interface; it often provides options such as: seeking, volume control, captions, ad injection, and resolution. Analytics Insight into viewer statistics and behavior, including but not limited to: Views, average bitrate, countries, devices, time watched / % completed, ad-related analytics, and more. Stitch together all the five components
  18. 18. Analytics ● Pricing (usually monthly plans) ● Metrics covered ● Integration with other CRM or sales tools Video Player ● Pricing (usually monthly plans) ● Monthly limits on bandwidth or videos ● Bitrate streaming ● Ad integration (VAST/VPAID) ● Partnerships, especially for storage, encoding, and CDN Distribution (CDN) ● Pricing (Free with Cloudflare) ● Monthly bandwidth limits ● Overage costs ● Partnerships, especially for storage, encoding, and player Encoding / Transcoding ● Pricing (usually per minute for each output type - SD, HD, UHD) ● Monthly limits (no. of videos or minutes) ● Overage costs ● Partnerships, especially for storage, CDN, and player Video Landscape - Things to consider Stitch together all the five components Storage / hosting ● Pricing (usually per GB) ● Storage limits ● Overage costs ● Egress fees
  19. 19. Option 2: How Cloudflare can help The reason why we’re delivering this webinar
  20. 20. Simplify video delivery Fast playback and control Deliver high quality videos using the included player with adaptive bitrate streaming on any device. Easily upload videos Simple drag and drop video uploads that allows videos to be published using a unique URL or embeddable code Affordable Pay for video storage based on total video length, regardless of file size. Video streaming costs are based on the number of minutes watched instead of bandwidth.
  21. 21. Cloudflare Stream vs Stream Delivery Stream Delivery Cloudflare Stream
  22. 22. Cloudflare Stream Delivery Flat-Rate Bandwidth Pricing Cloudflare caches and delivers video content to your visitors at a flat-rate price, saving you money on origin bandwidth costs. Fast, Global HQ Video Delivery Cloudflare’s global Anycast network ensures fast video delivery, with shorter video startup times and reduced buffering, no matter where your visitors are located. Packaged Functionalities Cloudflare offers a rich ecosystem of performance and security services, tuned specifically for video to provide optimal uptime and delivery. Tiered Caching Cache Configuration SSL / TLS Encryption DDoS Protection Workers
  23. 23. Cloudflare Stream CHALLENGES ● Didn’t want to invest technical resources to build a video publishing platform ● Need to support large volumes of user generated video content ● Increased egress costs for for videos accessed from Google cloud ● Require fast video playback for global users SOLUTION ● Cloudflare Stream with bundled video storage, CDN and encoding ● Fast encoding using Cloudflare Stream, 3 hours of video content in less than 10 minutes ● Backup storage in Google Cloud WHY CLOUDFLARE ● Cost effective with predictable enterprise pricing ● Easy to implement Company / Organization Rave, Inc. Video Application Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build mashup music videos. Amount of Video Content 6k - 7k Videos Generated / Mo. 30 Tbps Bandwidth / Mo. Plan Type Cloudflare Enterprise
  24. 24. Questions