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How to Choose B2B On-Demand Workforce


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Tapping an on-demand workforce for B2B oriented work is different than calling an Uber driver for a ride to the airport. Business processes can take the time to gel, and new opportunities for optimization emerge.

Thousands of businesses understand that there is a new way to get work done and smarter ways to scale. The on-demand economy has opened up opportunities for businesses to get important work done in all functional areas.

Choose the right B2B On-demand Workforce for your business to save time, money and to scale faster.

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How to Choose B2B On-Demand Workforce

  1. 1. How to Choose Your Next B2B On­Demand Workforce
  2. 2. There are an estimated 17.7 million independent workers in the United States, and the number is growing. They represent a major contribution to the U.S. economy, generating nearly $1.2 trillion in total income, a 20% increase from 2012. Experts (MBO Partners’ 2013 State of Independence in America) predict the number of independent workers to grow to 24 million in 2018. 17.7 million Independent workers in the United States $1.2 trillion Contributed to U.S economy by On-Demand labor, 20% increase from 2012 27 million Predicted number of independent workers to grow in 2018 Growing Trends
  3. 3. On­Demand Workforce Tapping an on-demand workforce for B2B oriented work is different than calling an Uber driver for a ride to the airport. Business processes can take time to gel, and new opportunities for optimization emerge.
  4. 4. While choosing an on-demand workforce for scaling your business, it’s important to consider the importance of speed, accuracy, cost and quality. Some platforms track measures such as worker accuracy and match tasks to workers based on specific project needs. Some curate, train and manage their own workforce, while others leverage a marketplace model. On-Demand Labor Markets
  5. 5. Pains & Goals Define Your
  6. 6. What are your Pain Points? Creatives You need extra resources for advertising, online marketing and graphic design. You need help with building retail intelligence viz. in-store display monitoring Operations You need additional resources for software development and testing Engineering Datawork You need cloud labor to capture data for quality assurance, etc. Machine Learning You need human annotators to train your machine learning algorithm
  7. 7. What are your Goals?One-time Projects You want to conduct one- time project for your business You want to test an idea or a process Test You want to gather information for an academic research Research You want to scale a core process for repetitive work Scale You want on-demand labor for a particular work Cloudlabor
  8. 8. Your Business? What Matters to
  9. 9. Consider Your KPIs Accuracy Speed Scalability Ongoing production or monitoring Incremental process improvements
  10. 10. Two Models of Cloud Labor Understand the
  11. 11. Privately ManagedOpen Marketplace Customer responsible for managing the workers, including any necessary training and maintaining quality standards Providers take responsibility for hiring, training and managing their workforce, as opposed to the customer.
  12. 12. On­Demand  Workforce Partner Find Your
  13. 13. Below is a handy guide for some potential partners depending on the type of work you need to get done. Some are open marketplace models and some have a managed services or workforce. We do not explicitly endorse any one company and there are many others within each category to consider. Sales/Marketing Engineering Customer Support Legal/Finance Operations/ Data Work
  14. 14. Future of Work Continued advances in automation, workforce virtualization and big data are changing work as we know it. What is clear is that the impact of automation and outsourcing will be different country to country and across professional categories. The bottom line is that businesses can gain massive operational and productivity advantages by tapping into the on-demand economy today!
  15. 15. Learn Everything You Need to Know About On­Demand Workforce Get Your FREE Guide Now!
  16. 16. CALL 1-888-809-0229 CloudFactory is on a mission to change how the world works. We’re using technology to make it super easy for startups and fast- growing businesses to automate and outsource routine, tedious work. By taking this work out of our customer's hands, they're able to focus on the big things that move their businesses forward. With delivery data centers in Nepal and Kenya, CloudFactory provides local people with digital-age work, training, and empowerment to become leaders who can address poverty in their own communities. Visit to see pricing and connect instantly with a Solutions Specialist. About