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Hadoop World 2011: WibiData: Building Personalized Applications with HBase - Aaron Kimball & Garrett Wu, Odiago


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WibiData is a collaborative data mining and predictive modeling platform for large-scale, multi-structured, user-centric data. It leverages HBase to combine batch analysis and real time access within the same system, and integrates with existing BI, reporting and analysis tools. WibiData offers a set of libraries for common user-centric analytic tasks, and more advanced data mining libraries for personalization, recommendation, and other predictive modeling applications. Developers can write reusable libraries that are also accessible to data scientists and analysts alongside the WibiData libraries. In this talk, we will provide a technical overview of WibiData, and show how we used it to build FoneDoktor, a mobile app that collects data about device performance and app resource usage and offers personalized battery/performance improvement recommendations directly to users.

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Hadoop World 2011: WibiData: Building Personalized Applications with HBase - Aaron Kimball & Garrett Wu, Odiago

  1. 1. : Building Personalized Applications with HBase Aaron Kimball – CTO Garrett Wu – Director of Engineering Odiago, Inc.Developed By:
  2. 2. helps you…Developed By:
  3. 3. Who uses WibiData? Backend Infrastructure Easy Integration for Web and Mobile Apps with Existing Analysis / BI Tools [data scientist] part engineer, part analyst [engineer] [analyst] Powerful Libraries for Data Mining ApplicationsDeveloped By:
  4. 4. WibiData applies to…Developed By:
  5. 5. Example App: MobileDeveloped By:
  6. 6. Developed By:
  7. 7. Developed By:
  8. 8. Personalized Libraries Recommendations Device and User Analysis Reporting Workflow and Data Integration AnalysisDeveloped By:
  9. 9. Get FoneDoktor for your Android today!Developed By:
  10. 10. The rest of this talk… • Wibi architecture at a glance • Under the hood • Integrating with external systems • ConclusionsDeveloped By:
  11. 11. architecture Certified Technology productDeveloped By:
  12. 12. Machine learning building blocks • Production-quality algorithms included in Wibi – Recommendation – Classification – Clustering… • Helps data teams get started more quickly • Lowers end-user requirementsDeveloped By:
  13. 13. WibiData: Technical Dive Garrett Wu, Director of EngineeringDeveloped By:
  14. 14. An extended data model • Column families are a logical concept • Data is physically arranged in locality groupsDeveloped By:
  15. 15. An extended data model • Wibi uses 3-d storage • Data is often sorted by timestampDeveloped By:
  16. 16. An extended data model <column> <name>email</name> <description>Email address</description> <schema>"string"</schema> </column> • Columns or whole families have common Avro schemas for evolvable storage and retrievalDeveloped By:
  17. 17. Producers and gatherers • Producers create derived column values • Gatherers aggregate data across all rows – e.g., for classifier trainingDeveloped By:
  18. 18. Interactive access: REST API PUT request GET request • REST API provides interactive access • Producers can be triggered “on demand” to create fresh recommendationsDeveloped By:
  19. 19. Tools and IntegrationDeveloped By:
  20. 20. Tools for all usersDeveloped By:
  21. 21. Data integration:Developed By:
  22. 22. Data integration:Developed By:
  23. 23. Self-service analyst workflow Existing databasesDeveloped By:
  24. 24. Conclusions • WibiData is a new platform for user data management and analysis • The WibiData programming model enables rapid application development • …and its libraries lower the barrier to entry • Wibi UI and export tools integrate with existing analytic systemsDeveloped By:
  25. 25. We have some great customers…Developed By:
  26. 26. And we’d like you to join us! • Sign up for the private beta today: • If you have a compelling use case, we’d like to let you try WibiDataDeveloped By:
  27. 27. / @wibidata Aaron Kimball – Garrett Wu – gwu@odiago.comDeveloped By: