The Benefits of Predictive and Proactive Support for an Enterprise Data Hub


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Your data is a strategic asset, and the benefits of your Hadoop deployment hinge on uptime, reliability, and expert guidance. Companies that have a specific plan with clear success criteria, benchmarks, and production goals are able to get the most from their journey to enterprise data hub (EDH), starting on day one. By leveraging insights from a proactive study of tens of thousands of nodes under subscription, Cloudera Enterprise customers can even minimize downstream issues before they occur.

Learn how Cloudera:

- Helps eliminate known issues and avoid common cluster misconfigurations
- Guides better utilization of the EDH according to comparative analysis
- Ensures enterprises optimize support resources for faster issue resolution

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  • The Benefits of Predictive and Proactive Support for an Enterprise Data Hub

    1. 1. 1 Linden Hillenbrand | Sr. Manager, Global Support March 2014 Cloudera Support The Benefits of Predictive and Proactive Support
    2. 2. Who Are We? 2 Responsible for customer facing Support teams at Cloudera Customer Facing Working with customers at Cloudera for > 2.5 years; Cloudera customers prior Tenure HDFS, HUE contributor and Customer Operations Engineer in prior lives Contributors
    3. 3. 3 Expanding Your Big Data Strategy
    4. 4. Support Where and When You Need It 4 Broadest global coverage and deepest knowledge base for superior reliability Most Experience Team comprised of contributors, committers, and Apache PMC members Expertise You Rely On Systematic case tracking and a diagnostic toolset to accelerate issue resolution Complete Solution
    5. 5. 5 Dedicated Global Support Team
    6. 6. Customer Interaction 6 Driving Customer Success Proactive Support  Staffed with experienced Customer Operations Engineers  Proactively meet with customers to: - Onboard new subscription customers into support and provide systems access - Generate and disseminate CM license keys - Leverage tools to analyze customer support usage over time - Proactively monitor customer ‘health’ issues - Execute support reviews, escalation reviews, and renewal discussions  Partners with customer and account team to drive advocacy within Cloudera  Disseminate customer experience and value with Cloudera Support
    7. 7. Driving Customer Focused Operational Success 7 What is it that you say you do here? • Customer insight interface • Built on top of CDH • > 80TBs, 6 data sources • > 100 internal users • CM diagnostic processing Predictive CSI • Advanced alerting • Expert recommendations • Industry best practices • Security alerts • Cluster workload reporting Customer Need • Proactive Impala queries • Monacle, Cluster Stats • Enterprise level experience • InfoSec notification system • Cluster health automation Proactive Team
    8. 8. Monacle 8 • Being open source means a wealth of support knowledge exists externally we can use to build on our internal knowledge support knowledge • Cloudera Search used to bring external and internal knowledge into one search interface • Apache Jiras, Apache Mailing lists, Hadoop books and publications • Internal knowledge base and archived support cases • Customer diagnostic bundles
    9. 9. Case Study: Enterprise Pharmaceutical Deployment 9 Proactive Support Engagement • Onboarding and guidance for interacting with Cloudera Support • Engaged to fully understand their deployment plan • Worked to establish proper Support engagement best practices • Provided break/fix based recommendations • Proactively alerted based upon two security notifications Reactive Support Engagement • 12 specific patches delivered as hot fixes • Major product enhancement delivered according to schedule • Two cases of rapid recovery from unexpected downtime • Configuration recommendations that yielded 5X performance gain • 100+ incidents resolved and dozens of teachable moments
    10. 10. Customer Quotes 10
    11. 11. Our Differentiated Approach to Your Success 11 Sophisticated analytics across multiple clusters to prevent issues before they occur Predictive Support Technical guidance based on performance patterns and the state-of-the-art Proactive Support Input into product roadmaps and projects supported by the Apache community Voice of the Customer
    12. 12. Thank you for attending! 13 • Submit questions in the Q&A panel • Download Cloudera Enterprise: • Join the Cloudera user community: • Follow Cloudera Engineering: @ClouderaEng • Learn about the Enterprise Data Hub: • Watch on-demand video of this webinar and many more at Register now for Cloudera training at Use discount code Support10 to save 10% on new enrollments in classes delivered by Cloudera until June 1, 2014* Use discount code 15off2 to save 15% on enrollments in two or more classes delivered by Cloudera until June 1, 2014* * Excludes classes sold or delivered by Cloudera partners