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Hadoop Contributors Meeting II


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Hadoop Contributors Meeting II

  1. 1. Hadoop Contributors Meeting II May 28, 2010 Eli Collins (
  2. 2. Hadoop Enhancement Proposal Based on Python’s PEP Audience - HDFS and MapReduce Address maturity/inovation impedence mismatch Not for small enhancements, most patches.
  3. 3. HEP (Cont.) A primary mechanism for: Proposing new features Collecting community input Documenting big design decisions
  4. 4. Roles Author - Build consensus. Document dissenting opinions. Editors - Review. Don’t pass judgement. PMC votes on editors.
  5. 5. Workflow Draft and bake on hep@ Propose to general@ Approval via PMC vote
  6. 6. Evaluation Duplication of effort Technically unsound Not enough motivation Doesn’t address backwards compatibility Review and accept before implementation, unless the latter helps people understand the HEP itself.