Cloudera sessions - Clinic 2 Center of Excellence Development


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Success with new technologies like Hadoop is more than just deploying software and infrastructure. Build your foundation the right way, from people to technology. Learn from experienced leaders, who have hard-earned knowledge from the trenches, the right way to assemble your team, cultivate program excellence, and prepare your cluster to achieve maximum effect.

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Cloudera sessions - Clinic 2 Center of Excellence Development

  1. 1. Fostering Hadoop ExcellenceArchitecting a Center of Excellence<Speaker Name><Title, Company>
  2. 2. COE Value PropositionA Center of Excellence (COE) is whereorganizations: Identify Big Data Technologies Learn New Skills Develop and Test Processes to Lower Risk
  3. 3. COE Development Roadmap Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Formal Deployment cont’d Recovery Training cont’d Monitoring Ingestion Architecture Infrastructure Deployment Integration Benchmarkin Hadoop Deployment g Failure and Recovery Ingestion Development Month 4 Month 5 Database HBase Integration Operations HBase Deployment
  4. 4. The Center of Excellence Model Research Learn Develop Deploy Publish Operate
  5. 5. COE Resources Architectural Staff Integration Infrastructure Development Staff Lab and Development Operations Staff Clusters
  6. 6. COE Staffing Project 1 COE Team Project 2 Project 3 2 – Architect Project 4 2 – Project Manager Project 5 30 – Developers Project 6 1 – Administrator Project 7 Project 8
  7. 7. COE Process Business Architect and PM Architect Formal Proposal to Review and Accept Identify Applications Proposal the CoE with Business CoE Team CoE Team Architect and PM Design Reference Planning Planning and Architecture Project Management Staffing Execution CoE Team and Architect and PM CoE Team Business Project Plan LDDOP Hand Over Time and Cost Est.
  8. 8. COE Skills Background in Java, Data Management, ETL Knowledge of Systems Hadoop Integrates With Regular Training on New Versioning and Frameworks
  9. 9. Analytics ServicesArchitecting Center of Excellence
  10. 10. Data Science Teams Data Science is a Central Resource Scientists are Assigned to Business Embedding Scientists encourages Data Driven practices
  11. 11. Embedding Data Scientists Typical Duration is 3-6 months Focus on Discrete Business Problems Bring an Understanding of Data as an Asset
  12. 12. Data Science and Development Science provides the Proof CoE and Business handle Development Research results are Published and Shared
  13. 13. Other Questions COE cluster deployment? Multi-tenancy? Security? Performance metrics? Report generation?
  14. 14. 14