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HBaseCon 2012 | Orchestrating Clusters with Ironfan and Chef - Runa


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This session will discuss how you can represent your complete cluster with one config file and have it deployed to Cloud or Bare Metal. Infochmimps’ Ironfan builds on Opscode Chef to allow you to specify and orchestrate all flavors of your cluster’s deployment, monitoring and growth. Not just the core HBase/HDFS/MapReduce/Hive/Flume, etc. but all the elements including web / app servers, mysql, redis, rabbitmq and whatever other servers needed to implement your service. These same tools can manage variations for development, staging, R&D as well as the target “rendering” to various Clouds, Bare Metal or even Vagrant VMs.

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HBaseCon 2012 | Orchestrating Clusters with Ironfan and Chef - Runa

  1. 1. Orchestrating Clusterswith Ironfan and Chef Robert J. Berger - CTO Runa, Inc.
  2. 2. Hassles of Big Data Stack Deployments• Lots of Moving Parts • Hadoop/HBase just one sub-system • Heterogeneous Tech • Monitoring & Metrics Everywhere • Details obscure the big picture• Need repeatability & variations on themes
  3. 3. The Forest for the Trees
  4. 4. ForestDash App Monitorboard ServersElastic Hadoop AMQPSearch M/RSession HBase MySQL Store
  5. 5. MySQL Slave Slave Slave Slave Master GDash Statsd Sensu Slave Logstash Slave Ganglia Slave Monitoring Graphite Slave Web Slave Regionsrvr Slave Regionsrvr Slave Hadoop M/R Slave RegionsrvrTrees Sec Master Regionsrvr Master Regionsrvr Regionsrvr Clj App Regionsrvr Clj App Regionsrvr Clj App Regionsrvr App Servers Web Rabbit Regionsrvr Web Rabbit AMQP Regionsrvr ELB HB Master HBase HB Master ZooKeeper ZooKeeper ZooKeeper ES Server ES Server Rails App ES Server Search Elastic Dashboard Rails App ES Server Web Redis Redis Session Store Redis
  6. 6. LeavesDashboard App Servers Monitoring Nginx MySQL Client Elastic Load Balancer MySQL Client Nginx Ganglia Server Reverse Proxy Upstart Config Nginx Upstart Config Reverse Proxy Ganglia Web Unicorn Logstash Client Reverse Proxy Logstash Client Java Statsd Server Rails Swarmiji Leiningen Graphite Server Dashboard App Java Jark Grpahite Web Java Leiningen Postfix Python Postfix Jark Cron jobs Logstash Cron jobs Clojure Apps Sensu Server MySQL Client Sensu client HBase Client Sensu Web Upstart Config Sensu plugins Postfix Sensu Client Logstash Client Cron jobs Sensu Plugins Sensu client Sensu pluginsElastic Search AMQP Hadoop M/R Elastic Search Server RabbitMQ Namenode Java RabbitMQ Plugins Secondary Namenode Cron jobs Cluster Config Tasktracker Sensu client Erlang Jobtrackers Sensu plugins Cron jobs Bootstrap Namenmode Upstart Config Sensu client Java Sensu plugins JMX Upstart Config Cron jobs Sensu client Sensu plugins Ganglia Client Upstart ConfigSession Store HBase MySQLRedis Namenode Zookeeper MySQL MasterCron jobs Secondary Namenode HBase Master MySQL SlavesSensu client Tasktracker Regionserver Cluster SetupSensu plugins Jobtrackers Cron jobsUpstart Config Datanodes Sensu client Bootstrap Namenmode Sensu plugins Java Upstart Config JMX Cron jobs Sensu client Sensu plugins Ganglia Client Upstart Config
  7. 7. <configuration> Molecules <property> <name>hbase.rootdir</name> <value>hdfs://ip-10-17-57-58.ec2.internal:8020/hadoop/hbase</value> <description>The directory shared by region servers. Should be fully-qualified to include the filesystem to use. E.g: hdfs://NAMENODE_SERVER:PORT/HBASE_ROOTDIR </description> </property> <property> <name>hbase.cluster.distributed</name> <value>true</value> <description>The mode the cluster will be in. Possible values are false: standalone and pseudo-distributed setups with managed Zookeeper true: fully-distributed with unmanaged Zookeeper Quorum (see </description> </property> <property> <name>hbase.zookeeper.quorum</name> <value>,,</value> <description>Comma separated list of servers in the ZooKeeper Quorum. For example, ",,". By default this is set to localhost for local and pseudo-distributed modes of operation. For a fully-distributed setup, this should be set to a full list of ZooKeeper quorum servers. If HBASE_MANAGES_ZK is set in this is the list of servers which we will start/stop ZooKeeper on. </description> </property>
  8. 8. Config Management: Leaves & Molecules• Chef, Puppet, Cfengine• Much better than shell scripts or cli jocks• Infrastructure as code• Still No Forest Perspective
  9. 9. Ironfan: Forest, Trees, Leaves and Molecules• Builds on top of Chef• Cluster Description in Single File • Your System Diagram Come to Life• Components announce capabilities • Service Discovery automates interconnects• Knife (CLI) extension controls cluster and component life-cycles
  10. 10. Basic ChefCommunity + Own Chef Server Cookbooks Search Auth & ACLs Nodes Roles / Cookbooks Data Bags Attributes N N N Chef Knife: Upload Cookboks to Chef Server N Launch Instances / Bootstrap Servers VMs and/or Servers Running Chef-Client Chef Development Host
  11. 11. Ironfan Pantry + Chef + IronfanCommunity + Own Chef Server Cookbooks Search / Search Auth & Discovery ACLs Nodes Nodes Attributes Roles / Cookbooks Data Bags Attributes Discovery N N N Chef Knife + Ironfan Gem: Launch / Bootstrap / Manage N Whole Clusters, All Facets or Specific Instances VMs and/or Servers Running Chef-Client Chef Development Host
  12. 12. Ironfan Components• Ironfan Gem: • Knife Plugins to orchestrate clusters • Logic to sync Chef Server & Cloud[s]• Silverware: Coordinate Discovery of Services• Ironfan-Homebase: Ironfan tuned Chef-Repo• Ironfan-Pantry: Cookbooks tuned for Clusters• Ironfan-CI: Testing of Ironfan clusters and Cookbooks
  13. 13. Cluster Config: Forest View ClusterChef.cluster base0-cluster0 do Global setup_role_implications cloud :ec2 doCloud & Cluster region us-east-1 Configs availability_zones [us-east-1b] backing ebs image_name natty security_group(cluster_root) do authorize_port_range(22) end end role "base_role" role "chef_client" role "base0-cluster0" role "production" role "runastack" role "ebs_volumes_attach" Roles & Recipes role "ebs_volumes_mount" are the “Leaves” Facets are facet master do the “Trees” instances 1 cloud.image_id ami-93c31afa cloud.flavor "cc1.4xlarge" role "big_package" role "hadoop_master" role "hbase_master" recipe "cluster_chef::cluster_webfront" recipe "hbase::utils" recipe "route53::runa" role "monitored_client" end
  14. 14. Global Cloud & Recipe Confgs ClusterChef.cluster base0-cluster0 do setup_role_implications Cluster Name cloud :ec2 doCloud region us-east-1Configs availability_zones [us-east-1b] backing ebs Configure image_name natty Security security_group(cluster_root) do Group authorize_port_range(22) end endShared role "base_role" Roles role "chef_client" role "base0-cluster0" role "production" role "runastack" role "ebs_volumes_attach" role "ebs_volumes_mount"
  15. 15. Facet Name Facets add Specifics facet master do Number of Cloud instances 1 CopiesOverrides cloud.image_id ami-93c31afa cloud.flavor "cc1.4xlarge" role "hadoop_master" Facet role "hbase_master" Roles & recipe "cluster_chef::cluster_webfront" recipe "hbase::utils" Recipes recipe "route53::runa" role "monitored_client"Facet Name end Number of Cloud facet regionserver do instances 7 CopiesOverrides cloud.image_id ami-93c31afa cloud.flavor "cc1.4xlarge" role "hadoop_slave" role "hbase_regionserver" FacetMake one recipe "hbase::utils" Roles &instance recipe "route53::runa" role "monitored_client" Recipes special server 0 do role "zookeeper_server" end end
  16. 16. Facets Composed of Components• Components are Services • Nginx, MySQL server, Zookeeper, HBMaster, Namenode, etc.• Chef Cookbooks manage components• Ironfan Silverware for service discovery • Auto-Connects components together
  17. 17. Silverware Service Discovery• Recipe that creates a service , announces itannounce(:hadoop, :namenode)• Recipe that requires a service , discovers ithbase_config ={ :namenode_fqdn => discover(:hadoop, :namenode ).private_hostname), :jobtracker_addr => discover(:hadoop, :jobtracker).private_ip), :zookeeper_addrs =>discover_all(:zookeeper, :server).map(&:private_ip).sort, :ganglia => discover(:ganglia, :server), :ganglia_addr => discover(:ganglia, :server).private_hostname), :private_ip => private_ip_of(node) })
  18. 18. Aspects enable Zeroconf Amenities• A log aspect would enable the following amenities • logrotated to manage its logs • flume to archive logs to a location• A port aspect would enable • Configuration of firewall • Monitoring of port uptime & latency • Remote checks that firewalled ports do NOT respond
  19. 19. Knife Cluster: Lifecycle Management• A Plugin for Opscode Chef Knife• Deployment & Lifecycle Operations: • launch, bootstrap, kill, start, stop• Access and Chef Operations • ssh, kick, proxy• Utilities • show, sync
  20. 20. Knife Launch Cluster, Facet or Instance[s]• Launch cluster launchcluster knife all the nodes in a base0-master0• Launchcluster launch base0-master0 facet 0 knife just a single instance of a single master• Launchclusterinstances base0-master0 regionserver knife all the launch of a facet
  21. 21. Stop/Start Cluster, Facet or Instance[s]• Stop whole cluster base0-master0 knife cluster stop• Stop a cluster stop base0-master0 master 0 knife single instance of a single facet• Stop allcluster stop abase0-master0 regionserver knife instances of facet
  22. 22. Same Knife Command to Launch Vagrant[s]• Can use the same cluster configurations and knife command to launch Vagrants knife cluster vagrant up base0-master0• Still Experimental
  23. 23. Ironfan-CI• Jenkins based Continuous Integration of Clusters• Still Experimental• Uses Discovery to automate baseline test creation• Leverages Vagrant to create clean test environments
  24. 24. References• Basic Chef Stuff:• Ironfan Screencast:• Ironfan Wiki for the most complete info :• The Forest for the Trees Photo - Ame Otoko