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A brief introduction to Cloudbook

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  • Storytelling is a human universal, and common themes appear in tales throughout history and all over the the world. These characteristics of stories, and our natural affinity toward them, reveal clues about our evolutionary history and the roots of emotion and empathy in the mind. By studying narrative’s power to influence beliefs, researchers are discovering how we analyze information and accept new ideas.
  • Introduction to Cloudbook 090910

    1. 1. Cloudbook Brief Introduction September 9, 2010
    2. 2. Enterprise Selling is about telling a good customer story (By Industry, By Location, By Role) Sales CIO CSO Dev Mgr Ops Mgr Developer By Industry Basic Materials Capital Goods Consumer Cyclical Consumer NonCyclical Financial Healthcare Services Technology Transportation Utility And scheduling a reference call at the end… Learned by word of mouth
    3. 3. Cloudbook Story ™ News Presentation Article Webpage Video Cloudbook Story ™ One story you can read, watch, or listen to. Courseware Sales CIO CSO Dev Mgr Ops Mgr Developer Based on the Art & Science of Storytelling
    4. 4. A Cloudbook Story™ Example
    5. 5. Context Optional on Joyent Story Every Story has characters Meet Rafi by clicking on his photo Click and download the Story in PDF
    6. 6. Watch the story on Youtube Watch Rafi talk about Context Optional (4:59) Watch Rafi talk about Joyent (4:15) 60-second Ad Under Construction
    7. 7. Read the story on the Web Search Engine Optimized Type Context Optional on Joyent into Google
    8. 8. Hear the story as part of a lecture, internal training or event Click to watch the presentation and download the PPT Single Slide Version for inclusion in Keynotes, Overviews
    9. 9. Print the story and give to a prospect Click to choose how many copies and where to ship..
    10. 10. Find the Story in a Magazine Click to Download Or get a printed version With your ad on the back
    11. 11. Read and watch the Story on iPad iPad If you have an iPad find it on the Bookstore..
    12. 12. Cloudbook Story ™ News Presentation Article Webpage Video Telling the Cloud Story Whether you want to read it on iPad, watch on Youtube or listen in a lecture hall… Courseware Fortune 500 Companies “ ..stories like this make the cloud more real.” “  Good mix of business and technical in this one.” “ the casual story-telling style is engaging and credible..” “ I could see multiple series.  Cloud for entrepreneurs and small/medium businesses, cloud in the enterprise, etc..” “ IT function are generally interested in stories like these - depicting the successful use of technology for a practical purpose.” “ I like the fact that the user of the technology is on video telling their story versus just reading text.”
    13. 13. CloudBook Story Roadmap Casual Listener Serious Listener Customer Story (Marketing) Our Initial Focus (Sales) How It’s Made Story Cloud Computing Curriculum (in development)
    14. 14. Cloudbook Network Cloudbook Story ™ News Presentation Article Webpage Magazine ( Print , pdf, iPad) Email /cloudbook Video Classroom Cloudbook: Telling the Cloud Story . Webinars Breakfast Courseware Specialized Sites Specialized Pubs Client Channel Client Created Content Sales CIO CSO Dev Mgr Ops Mgr Developer