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Getting Started with PaaS


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Introduction to Platfrom-as-a-Service and CloudBees. Webinar presentation by Mark Prichard, Technical Evangelist at CloudBees

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Getting Started with PaaS

  1. 1. Build and Run your Applications in theCloud: Getting Started with PaaSMark Prichard@CloudBees
  2. 2. 2Today’s PresenterMark PrichardSenior Director of Product
  3. 3. 3Using WebExQuestions?Submit via the controlpanel at any timeduring the presentation.
  4. 4. 4What’s a Platform?• Something you can use to– Run your apps– Build your apps– Add services to your apps– Manage your apps• Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) useselastic, on-demand Cloud resources todo this
  5. 5. 5CloudBees Is a PlatformDelivered As A Servicecloudbees.comJenkinsMasterTestStageBuildCodeJenkinsExecutorForgeRepositoriesGitSVNmvnDevelopmentServices(DEV@cloud)Developer andOperationsInteractionEnd UserInteractionRuntimeServices(RUN@cloud)CloudBees APIGrandCentralWebConsoleSDKSessionClusteringMySQLRouterApplicationPartnerEcosystem5©CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. 6Cloud Terminology• Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)– Think: Amazon Web Services– What: Server Instances, Storage Bucketsetc• Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)– Think:– What: Packaged Applications (in the Cloud)• Plaform-as-a-Service (PaaS)– What: Managed Service for Custom Apps
  7. 7. 7What is Platform-as-a-Service?• We run your applications for you• We provide and manage all the supportinginfrastructure needed to run your apps• We monitor and can scale out your apps• We provide a full, enterprise-class buildenvironment using Jenkins CI – theworld’s #1 OSS continuous integrationserver• You write the code and we do all the rest
  8. 8. 8• Lose it!– Mobile application– Millions of users– More than 30,000 transactions per minute, at peak time• And… only 4 employees and …2 developers– No IT, no servers, no DevOps– Complete focus on SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT– Anything else is handled by CloudBees• Unmatched productivity level– This is possible TODAY– Will you wait for your competitors to shoot first?Example: Lose it!
  9. 9. 9Have You Met Jenkins?• #1 OSS CI server• Easy to install/use• Extensible via 600+ plugins• Very widely adopted– 47K+ installations• Very active community– Over 7 years of history, 440+ releases– 600+ plugins, 300+ developers• CloudBees adds plugins for cloud builds
  10. 10. 10CloudBees Step-by-Stepcloudbees.comJenkinsMasterTestStageBuildCodeJenkinsExecutorForgeRepositoriesGitSVNmvnDevelopmentServices(DEV@cloud)Developer andOperationsInteractionEnd UserInteractionRuntimeServices(RUN@cloud)CloudBeesAPIGrandCentralWebConsoleSDKSessionClusteringMySQLRouterApplicationPartnerEcosystemMulti-TenantedDedicatedAmazon Web Services10©CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. 11What Platform-as-a-Service Is Not• Commercial, packaged applications don’tusually run on a PaaS• You don’t need to purchase any hardwareor software licenses• You won’t have to install anything – youjust deploy your Java apps to the platform• If you need to run applications in your owndata center, PaaS may be the wrongmodel
  12. 12. 12How Do You Use CloudBees?12CLI/SDK GrandCentral Web Console IDE©CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. 13What Does It Cost?• Your app always runs in secure, isolatedcontainers to which only you have access• We can run those containers for you usingshared resources or dedicated resources• You pay only for what you need: a fixedsubscription or “pay as you go” pricing• FREE and COMPLETE for developers: nocredit card required
  14. 14. 14App-Cells Are The Basic Unit OfRUN@cloud Usage14©2013 CloudBees, Inc. AllJava App (jar)CPUJava VMJava APIJava StackJava Managed Memory (Heap)Other Java MemoryNon-Java MemoryJava Class StructuresYour app candeploy in as littleas one app-cell. Asingle app-cellprovides 128 Mbof memory and1/8 of a EC2Compute Unit **EC2 Compute Unit
  15. 15. 15Use App-Cells To Match Your Apps15©2013 CloudBees, Inc. AllJava StackJava Managed Memory (Heap)Other Java MemoryNon-Java MemoryJava Class StructuresJava StackJava Managed Memory (Heap)Other Java MemoryNon-Java MemoryJava Class StructuresJava StackJava Managed Memory (Heap)Other Java MemoryNon-Java MemoryJava Class StructuresJava StackJava Managed Memory (Heap)Other Java MemoryNon-Java MemoryJava Class StructuresFour app-cells cansupportfour Javaapps, or oneJavaapp, using atotal of512Mbmemory, forthe samecost.Java StackJava Managed Memory (Heap)Other Java MemoryNon-Java MemoryJava Class Structures
  16. 16. 16App-Cells Are Charged By the HourExample: Growing Production Usage Over A Month16©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All1 app-cell usingTomcat on 1instance for 8days, 24 hr/day4 app-cells usingTomcat on 1instance for 8days, 24 hr/day8 app-cells usingTomcat on 5instances for 14days, 24 hr/dayOne month(192 app-cell-hr + 768 app-cell-hr + 2688 app-cell-hr) * $0.019/app-cell-hr = $69.31 for the month
  17. 17. 17Getting Started: CloudBees ClickStarts©2012 CloudBees, Inc. AllThe easiest way to get started – and learn new technologies
  18. 18. 18cloudbees.comWhat’s up with thisnew framework!What Did I Just Do?18CloudBeesGitRepoDatabaseBuild/Testdb:createAppPartnerServicePartnerServiceCloudBeesAPIGrandCentralWebConsoleBindBindTriggerDeployWow! At yourservice©2013 CloudBees, Inc. All
  19. 19. 19• Free and complete for developers• Get started with just a couple of clicks: allyou need is a Up with CloudBees