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Salesforce and conga composer integration

Conga Composer allows using Salesforce data, so that any document, report or presentation can be generated.

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Salesforce and conga composer integration

  1. 1. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899 Deepali Kulshrestha Senior Salesforce Consultant
  2. 2. Going Social cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899 +91 9716875336
  3. 3. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899 Salesforce & Conga Composer Integration TM
  4. 4. Have Questions ● Don’t wait until the end to ask your questions. ● Type your questions and we will answer those at end of session. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda: ● What Is Conga Composer? ● Reasons for Integrating Salesforce and Conga Composer ● Technical Requirements ● Customizing Composer with Parameters ● Conga Queries ● Template Builder ● Conga Template Manager ● Hands on ● Q/A cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  6. 6. What Is Conga Composer? ● Conga Composer allows Salesforce users to create, customize, automate and generate documents and quotes by a single click on a button. ● It can also select richly-formatted templates with data from any kind of object in Salesforce. ● We can create a Conga Template through Template builder and that I’ll discuss further. ● Conga Composer is a Salesforce app that automates manual document generation methods to make your Salesforce users more productive. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  7. 7. Reasons for Integrating Salesforce and Conga Composer cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899 Document Generation Distribution Automation
  8. 8. Document Generation ● Conga Composer allows using Salesforce data, so that any document, report or presentation can be generated. ● Any field from any of the object from Salesforce can be accessed easily by placing a single button on any object’s layout. ● It allows fetching around 50 other objects additional data in Salesforce using Salesforce reports or SOQL queries. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  9. 9. Distribution Conga Composer allows a variety of options for downloading, storing, and delivering our document: ● Immediately downloaded ● Saved directly in Salesforce, Google Drive, or SpringCM ● Automatically emailed ● Sent for e-Signature Users can build documents from their web browser or mobile device. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  10. 10. Automation ● We can automate our whole business processes by using parameters to control the behavior of the Composer button. ● You have a wide variety of options – and can preselect up to 10 templates to generate one or more output files. ● We can use parameters to restrict options in the user interface or enable background mode to neglect it completely. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  11. 11. Technical Requirements To install and successfully use Conga Composer, you must have one of the following from each category: ❖ Salesforce Edition: ➢ Performance / Unlimited ➢ Enterprise ➢ Professional (limitations may exist) ➢ Developer cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  12. 12. ❖ Salesforce Products: ➢ Sales Cloud ➢ Service Cloud ➢ App Cloud ➢ Health Cloud ➢ Financial Services Cloud ➢ Quote-to-Cash cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  13. 13. ❖ Internet Browsers: ➢ Firefox ➢ Chrome (you may have to enable redirects from Composer in Chrome version 64 or higher) ➢ Internet Explorer (version 11 or the latest version supported by Salesforce) ➢ Safari (Mac only) ➢ Microsoft Edge cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  14. 14. ❖ Template Software: ➢ Microsoft Office 2016 and earlier (Mac or PC) ➢ Adobe Acrobat XI and earlier, Acrobat Reader cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  15. 15. Customizing Composer with Parameters ● Composer can be customized by adding parameters to the Conga Composer button URL. ● Parameters are added using the following convention: &ParameterName=Value cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  16. 16. Conga Queries We can use Queries instead of reports in Salesforce. Conga Queries contain a SOQL SELECT statement that is specially tuned to work in combination with Conga Composer and Conga Mail Merge. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  17. 17. Template Builder 1. The filter box is used to search and quickly find the fields. 2. The Plus sign next to a data set is to expand it to select data fields. 3. Arrows to move selected data. 4. It includes selected data fields and tables’ from the data set. 5. In this section, we can choose the type of the template. 6. This section allows us to select fields in the template work area so using these buttons we can copy and paste fields in our template. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  18. 18. Conga Template Manager ● After we built a template through template builder, we can store it to the Conga Template Manager to make it available for Conga component. ● It is the storage location for Conga templates. ● It is a custom object that is added with the Conga Composer component. ● It provides an ability to cover security, source control, ability to use the Master Field To Set operation on a per-template basis, and also reduced the need of using parameters to update IDs in button URLs. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  19. 19. Hands On Now let’s create a Template using Template builder. For that we need to : ● Install Conga Composer through Salesforce AppExchange, ● Configure Conga Composer, ● Create Conga Composer button on desired object and add the button to Page-Layout. ● Now Create a template through template builder, ● Attach the created document in Conga Template Manager, ● Download the template. cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  20. 20. Q & A cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899
  21. 21. Thank You cloud.analogy +1(415)830-3899