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What are the various testing facilities that we offer to our clients during Cloud migration or Adoption. The three types of testing discussed here are Load testing, Availability testing & Vulnerability or Security Testing. Description of these types of testing along with detailed solution Architectural diagrams using Amazon Web Services Elements have been spoken about. Also a list of what major activities are present in each type of testing is also included in this presentation.

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Testing Framework on AWS Cloud - Solution Set

  1. 1. Solution Set - Testing Framework on AWS Cloud 1
  2. 2. Blazeclan Cloud Testing: Why it Matters CloudIT Better2 Source : Aberdeen Research Poor Application Performance = Loss of Revenue 60% organizations loss 9% of revenue due to Poor Application
  3. 3. Blazeclan Challenges CloudIT Better3 Large Scale High Availability Security Concerns Cloud Architectures Cost Effective On Demand Accurate Agile Needs Advance Testing Framework
  4. 4. Blazeclan Load Testing – Custom Load Testing Script CloudIT Better4 - Increased User Load - Increased Transactions - Increased database volume Condition for an application to Scale Up or Scale out Custom load testing scripts, deployed on a slave-master architecture that emulate thousands of virtual users performing real-life transactions on a system emulating production traffic. -Create test scripts -Launch EC2 Machines -Configure test -Execute using Jmeter -Download Test results Testing on AWS CloudLoad Testing Testing Scripts
  5. 5. Blazeclan CloudIT Better5 Controller Master SlavesSlaves Slaves Virtual Users Virtual Users Virtual Users Web App Server Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Auto scaling Group Web App Server Web App Server Web App Server Availability Zone # Region Load testing scripts RequestsE L B Instance starts if threshold meets Default Instances for load serving Add Auto Scaling Load Testing – On AWS
  6. 6. Blazeclan Load Testing on AWS – What it Includes CloudIT Better6 Real-Time Analytics Test Cloud Rapid Powerful reporting Dynamic Create your test Scenario Accurate and easy to simulate load Build, execute, & analyze performance
  7. 7. Blazeclan Vulnerability Assessment Testing – BlazeClan VAS CloudIT Better7 Vulnerability testing - identify the security holes. - vulnerabilities in the application. - forecasts the potential hazards. Blazeclan VAS Vulnerability Assessment tool Browser based tool Built on top of Open VAS Image courtesy : http://dgdsbygo8mp3h.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/Article- Images/cissp-article4-image01.png The scanner very Efficiently executes the actual Network Vulnerability Tests (NVTs) on the target.
  8. 8. Blazeclan CloudIT Better8 OpenVAS Scanner Amazon Route 53 Elastic Load Balancer Region EC2 Instances Auto scaling Group Availability Zone # Security Group Web App Server OpenVAS Manager NVT’s BlazeClan VAS Browser based client SCANTARGETS Internet NVT Feeds BlazeClan VAS – Architectural Diagram
  9. 9. Blazeclan Vulnerability (Security) Testing – What it Includes CloudIT Better9 • Discovery • Vulnerability Scan • Vulnerability Assessment • Security Assessment • Penetration Test • Security Audit • Configuration of the application or the server • Services running on the server • Existing user or customer data hosted by the application • Spoofing • URL manipulation • SQL injection • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  10. 10. Blazeclan Availability Testing - Chaos Monkey CloudIT Better10 Chaos Monkey, “randomly disables production instances to make sure it can survive common types of failure without any customer impact” Availability testing means:  Run application for a period of time  Collect failures  Compare the percentage of availability. EC2 EC2 EC2 EC2 Auto scaling Group Auto Scaling group launches new instances as and when threshold condition meets. - Identify the failure events - Repair time - Recovery from failures Availability testing
  11. 11. Blazeclan Checking for availability by killing instances CloudIT Better11 Web App Server CHAOS MONKEY Amazon Route 53 www.example.co m Elastic Load Balancer Region Availability Zone #1 Availability Zone #2 Availability Zone #4Availability Zone #3 Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Web App Server Web App Server Web App Server Auto scaling Group Instance starts if threshold meets Chaos monkey attacking instances randomly Chaos monkey attacking instances randomly 1 2 3 5 6 7 Web App Server Web App Server Web App Server3 3 3 4 5 6 7
  12. 12. Blazeclan How Chaos Monkey Works CloudIT Better12 Web App Server Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Security Group EC2 Instance Web App Server Web App Server Web App Server Auto scaling Group Monitoring Server Activities Conditions on meeting threshold Add a Resource Remove a Resource Attacking a Resource Randomly Attacking a Resource Randomly Chaos Monkey Reporting server activities Launch new Server Chaos Monkey
  13. 13. Blazeclan Availability Test - What it Includes CloudIT Better13 The availability testing is performed to remove single point of failures Test the Change Control Process Test Catastrophic Failure Test the Failover Technologies Mean Time To Recover Test the Monitoring Technology Test the Help Desk Procedures Test for Resource Conflicts Mean Time Between Failure Mean Logistics Delay Time
  14. 14. Blazeclan Solution Features CloudIT Better14 Pre-Build Scripts Quick Start Reports and Analytics Repository of pre- build test scripts of load and performance testing. Running application and Pre-baked AMI in the cloud. Graphical reports and detailed Analytics
  15. 15. Blazeclan Advantage BlazeClan CloudIT Better15 Cloud Focus Pre-build Solutions Faster Time to Market
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