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Case Study on Enterprise Mobility on Cloud


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This Case Study shows how we helped A UK based property solution company who wanted to automate the process of inventory inspection and report creation, and how we helped them achieve it through the Cloud.

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Case Study on Enterprise Mobility on Cloud

  1. 1. Case Study – Enterprise Mobility On Cloud UK Based Property Solution CompanyBlazeclan 1 Cloud IT Better
  2. 2. Business Case• Customer • One of the leading UK based property solution company. • Engaged in business of commercial / Non commercial property inventory inspection and subsequent report generation.• Requirement • The company wanted to automate the process of inventory inspection and report creation. • Large mobile workforce needed application on handheld devices for productivity improvement. • Create SaaS based platform for self and similar companies to use for report generation. • The company also wanted to make the management of vendors/contractors seamless for property solution companies.Blazeclan 2 Cloud IT Better
  3. 3. Challenges Highly fragmented Elasticity and availability Modular application handset device market SaaS model to end Agile deployment Mobile management customers policy Application distribution Enterprise Scalability Mobility On and High Agile Cloud Availability DevelopmentBlazeclan 3 Cloud IT Better
  4. 4. BlazeClan’s Solution Agile Development Elastic & Scalable Enhanced users Processes Infrastructure experience by geo- location aware mobile application. Amazon Web Agile Development Services Pre-configured testing PhoneGap for Cross tools to perform Platform application vulnerability testing development Cross Platform Geo-Location Pre-build Solutions Application Builder Aware ApplicationBlazeclan 4 Cloud IT Better
  5. 5. Solution Architecture Elastic Load Balancer Web Users Route 53 S3 S3 Root Synch Volume Server App Eng App Eng OpenMobestor Online / Offline Data Synch Data Auto scaling Group Volume Backup on S3 Mobile User Data Synch through RDS Synch Server MySQL Availability Zone
  6. 6. Advantages Using AWS & Open Source Easy to use, secure Development tools resulted application in significant cost savings Low Cost Solution Quality Cross platform Application Agile Development for Development. fast development. Automated Testing Cross Platform Mobile Development Quick Turn aroundBlazeclan 6 Cloud IT Better
  7. 7. Thank youFor your SME Cloud Computing Requirements, contact us at