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Enterprise Case Study on One of the Leading Insurance Companies in India


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In this case study we talk about the requirements of a major Indian Insurance company and how we used our Solution and framework Stack using Agile Development, Amazon Web Services, pre built solutions and Open Source Tools to achieve a low cost Quality Solution.

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Enterprise Case Study on One of the Leading Insurance Companies in India

  1. 1. Case Study Indian Enterprise One of India’s Largest Insurance CompaniesBlazeclan 1 Cloud IT Better
  2. 2. Business Case• Customer • One of India’s largest General & Life Insurance Company • 4000+ Employees • 200+ Locations • Head Quartered in Pune• Requirement • Roll out a Talent Management System to manage Employee Ratings • The application has to be accessible over the internet • Application should be fast and intuitive • Application will be accessed only between November and March every year • Application has to be rolled out in 15 daysBlazeclan 2 Cloud IT Better
  3. 3. Challenges The first version of Application deals Application usage the Application had with sensitive data. peaks between to be rolled out in 15 November and days. Strict Industry March. regulations. 2 more releases over Minimal usage for the next 15 days. System has complex rest of the year. workflows typical to the organization. Rapid Complexity & Seasonal Deployment Security UsageBlazeclan 3 Cloud IT Better
  4. 4. BlazeClan’s Solution Solution delivered in 15 Elastic & Scalable days using Agile infrastructure to save Development Processes. costs during off peak. Amazon Web Agile Development Services Pre-configured testing Development using open tools to perform source tools to save on vulnerability testing. licensing costs. Pre-build Solutions Open Source ToolsBlazeclan 4 Cloud IT Better
  5. 5. Advantage Agile Development led to Open Source Linux, on time delivery. Apache, MySQL & PHP as Automated Vulnerability development tools. Testing reduced Testing AWS Pay-as-you-go Cycle duration. deployment. Quick Turnaround Low Cost Solution The Solution is very easy Highly Available & Fault to use and is secure for Tolerant Solution. use over the internet. Secured. Ease of Use Secure & ReliableBlazeclan 5 Cloud IT Better
  6. 6. Thank youFor your Enterprise Cloud Computing Requirements, contact us at