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Enterprise Case Study - Content Distribution on Cloud


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This case Study talks about our Client requirements and problem sets. We also tell you how Blazeclan tackled these through the use of Agile Development, Amazon Web Services, Load Testing and Security techniques. We also show you a snap shot of the solution architecture and our client benefits post the implementation.

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Enterprise Case Study - Content Distribution on Cloud

  1. 1. Case Study – Content Distribution on Cloud 15 Million+ Downloads a YearBlazeclan 1 Cloud IT Better
  2. 2. Business Case• Customer • US based multi-Billion Dollar Enterprise • Engineering & Technology Company• Downloads • 15 Million Unique Downloads a Year • 60 MB Average file size for each download• Requirement • Move the download infrastructure from current set up to AWS • Download requests from embargoed nations to be blocked • Go live in 30 daysBlazeclan 2 Cloud IT Better
  3. 3. Challenges 15 Million Downloads a The infrastructure to Download rate from all Year, with 60 MB average support downloads should locations should match download file size. be cost effective. the current infrastructure. Downloads from all the Prevent spam downloads continents except to prevent bandwidth Download Infrastructure Antarctica. loss. should scale to meet the demand peaks for new Payload Scale Costs version updates. Development, Testing & Application should have Deploy a secured way to High Availability & should download files. Deployment of the complete infrastructure in be Fault Tolerant. Block download requests from embargoed nations. 30 days. Security & Download Compliance Rapid Deployment PerformanceBlazeclan 3 Cloud IT Better
  4. 4. BlazeClan’s Solution Solution delivered in 30 For Cost Effective, days using Agile Scalable & Highly Development Processes Available Infrastructure Amazon CloudFront for Download Distributions Amazon Web Agile Development Services Pre-build tools for load Application developed testing using Spring Java Tested with loads of Secured downloads using 300,000 hits per hour CloudFront signed URLs Load Testing SecurityBlazeclan 4 Cloud IT Better
  5. 5. Solution Architecture High Availability Scalable Oracle RDS with Standby Instance Amazon S3 as Origin File server for CloudFront Amazon CloudFront for Download Distributions Secured CloudFront downloads using signed URLs ArchitectureBlazeclan 5 Cloud IT Better
  6. 6. Advantage Agile Development led to Offshore development & on time delivery. remote deployment. Automated load testing & Open Source Spring Java Vulnerability Testing as development tool. reduced Testing Cycle AWS Pay-as-you-go duration. deployment. Quick Turnaround Low Cost Solution Faster performance Highly Available & Fault compared to the existing Tolerant Solution. infrastructure. Secured. Improved Performance Secure & ReliableBlazeclan 6 Cloud IT Better
  7. 7. Thank youFor your Content Distribution Requirements, contact us at