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A New Approach to DevOps Software Product Development Solution


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In any Product oriented organization and specially in web & mobile product organizations. Development and Operations team have a love-hate relationship.
In this solution, we try and provide a simple lucid way through which this can be controlled by agile product development and release cycles on the cloud.
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A New Approach to DevOps Software Product Development Solution

  1. 1. Software Product Development (Agile & DevOps)Blazeclan 1 Cloud IT Better
  2. 2. Product Development Challenges How do we Is there a way achieve faster to continuously Go To Market? improve customer experience? Can we manage multiple releases with multiple people working on the same product? Agile Development Answers These Questions !!Blazeclan 2 Cloud IT Better
  3. 3. Further Challenges… Is the How do I ensure only the tested solution features are pushed to Production? for you !! Is there a way to ensure continuous delivery & multiple releases in a day? How can I minimize my downtime? How do I ensure, How do I ensure my rolling out new development, test and features will not break production the existing system? environments are on the same patch level and configurations?Blazeclan 3 Cloud IT Better
  4. 4. What is DevOps?“DevOps is an approach to bridge the gap betweenagile software development and operations” – Dev DevOps Ops QABlazeclan 4 Cloud IT Better
  5. 5. How does BlazeClan solve these problems? Operations Maximize End to End Management ROI with Software offshore Development development Enable services Total Business Product benefits, AWS SI Ownership faster Consulting Partner Software Product DevelopmentBlazeclan 5 Cloud IT Better
  6. 6. BlazeClan’s Services: Agile Development Services Run Automated Tests ReportDeploy Results 3 Build 4 2 Product 1 Agile Agile Development platform ensures a Development smoother product development life cycle…Blazeclan 6 Cloud IT Better
  7. 7. BlazeClan’s Services: Automated Testing Automated testing ensures faster product rollouts giving employees more time to engage in other business activities… Automated TestingBlazeclan 7 Cloud IT Better
  8. 8. BlazeClan’s Services: Continuous Integration BlazeClan allows Build Product Deploy faster CI for your products… Report Run Code Results Analysis Run Automated Test Continuous IntegrationBlazeclan 8 Cloud IT Better
  9. 9. BlazeClan’s Services: Infrastructure Automation Infrastructure Application • Agile Development automation allows your business to capture and duplicate infrastructure as a code… Environment • Chef • Amazon Web ServicesInfrastructure (AWS) Infrastructure • Eucalyptus as a CodeBlazeclan 9 Cloud IT Better
  10. 10. BlazeClan’s Services: Continuous Delivery Continuous DeliveryBlazeclan 10 Cloud IT Better
  11. 11. Source: Cloudtweaks …So what’s stopping you !! THANK YOUBlazeclan