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BlazeClan Technologies is an AWS focused Cloud Consulting Company.
BlazeClan delivers scalable, reliable and cost-effective Cloud solutions to enterprises of all sizes. BlazeClan’s Cloud Products & Frameworks help companies to build and deliver concepts to market faster.
BlazeClan's service offerings include Cloud Adoption & Migration Consulting, Application Development for Cloud and AWS Infrastructre Managed Services.
BlazeClan's product offerings include Cloudlytics, a large scale analytics tool available as a service on a pay as you go model and BriSkGap, an online training platform available as Software as a Service.
BlazeClan is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner and a Channel Reseller.

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Cloud Computing for Enterprises - Blazeclan Technologies Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. 1 Company Presentation Sep, 2013
  2. 2. Blazeclan Overview CloudIT Better2 Adopt and migrate to the cloud better Cloud IT Better Amazon Web Services & Eucalyptus Partnerships Proven track record of providing high value services In Action A fast growing Cloud Consulting & Implementation Company BlazeClan
  3. 3. Blazeclan BlazeClan – An Introduction • A cloud computing focused company offering bespoke solutions & services for enterprises of all sizes. • Operations in Singapore, India, US. • Customer base includes large Enterprise customers in the sectors of Engineering, BFSI, IT and Healthcare. • Oneofthe largest AdvancedConsulting Partners for Amazon WebServices, the leaderin cloud computing services. CloudIT Better3
  4. 4. Blazeclan Offerings CloudIT Better4 BlazeClan provides industry oriented strategic cloud roadmap consulting Strategy Consulting Migration & Adoption Managed Services Application Services
  5. 5. Blazeclan Offerings CloudIT Better5 Identify Immediate Dependency and Other Application Dependency Dependency Mapping Business & Technical Factors IaaS PaaS SaaS Cloud Environment CPU, IOPS, Network, Others Identify Resource Requirements Private Cloud Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud Deployment Model Work Plan Test Plan Business Continuity Plan Migration & Test Multitier Architecture Scale Up / Down Requirement Geographic Access Requirement Architecture Requirements Strategy Consulting Migration & Adoption Managed Services Application Services
  6. 6. Blazeclan Offerings CloudIT Better6 Strategy Consulting Migration & Adoption Managed Services Application Services • Languages • CMS • CDN • Application • Databases • OS • Public Cloud • Hybrid Cloud PHP Joomla Cloud Front HTTP NoSQL Amazon Web Services Eucalyptus JBoss MySQL Java WordPress Python Drupal Solr Mobile OS Tomcat Amazon RDS Microsoft Azure NGINX .NET Oracle SQL Server Linux Windows Cloud Based Application Development across platforms & devices
  7. 7. Blazeclan Offerings CloudIT Better7 AWS incident resolution Incident Management Application Availability and Performance Monitoring Monitor Analyze and optimize architecture to minimize cost Optimize Automated AWS Asset Tracking Asset Tracking Automated Vulnerability Assessment Security Agile Infrastructure, Operations & Backups DevOps Strategy Consulting Migration & Adoption Managed Services Application Services
  8. 8. Blazeclan CloudIT Better8 5 Step Media Solution Framework 1 2 3 4 5 Faster Large Scale Data Storage Seamless Live Media Streaming On Demand Content Transcoding Faster Content Distribution Content Distribution Analytics >FTAs >AWS S3 >Storage Gateway >AWS EC2 >Third Party Encoders >FTAs >AWS Elastic Transcoder multiple Video Formats. >AWS CloudFront CLOUDLYTICS
  9. 9. Blazeclan Get Streaming Pattern for Video Content Get Geographical Distribution of Downloads & Streams On Media : Cloudlytics – SaaS CloudFront Log Analysis Tool 9 Identify Edge Location Traffic and optimize AWS Billing Improve User Experience by Calculating & Optimizing Latencies Identify Spam Attacks Identifying Popular Downloads & Streams
  10. 10. Blazeclan Advantage BlazeClan CloudIT Better10 Cloud Focus Pre-build Solutions Faster Time to Market
  11. 11. Blazeclan Partnerships & Memberships CloudIT Better11
  12. 12. Blazeclan Customers - Sample CloudIT Better12
  13. 13. Blazeclan Case Study– Content DistributiononCloud 15 Million+Downloads a Year 13 CloudIT Better
  14. 14. Blazeclan Business Case • Customer • US based multi-Billion Dollar Enterprise • Engineering & Technology Company • Downloads • 15 Million Unique Downloads a Year • 60 MB Average file size for each download • Requirement • Movethe download infrastructure from currentset up to AWS • Download requests from embargoed nations to be blocked • Go live in 30 days CloudIT Better14
  15. 15. Blazeclan Challenges CloudIT Better15 15 Million Downloads a Year, with 60 MB average download file size. Downloads from all the continents except Antarctica. Payload Scale The infrastructure to support downloads should be cost effective. Prevent spam downloads to prevent bandwidth loss. Costs Development, Testing & Deployment of the complete infrastructure in 30 days. Rapid Deployment Download rate from all locations should match the current infrastructure. Download Infrastructure should scale to meet the demand peaks for new version updates. Application should have High Availability & should be Fault Tolerant. Download Performance Deploy a secured way to download files. Block download requests from embargoed nations. Security & Compliance
  16. 16. Blazeclan BlazeClan’s Solution CloudIT Better16 Solution delivered in 30 days using Agile Development Processes Agile Development For Cost Effective, Scalable & Highly Available Infrastructure Amazon CloudFront for Download Distributions Amazon Web Services Application developed using Spring Java Secured downloads using CloudFront signed URLs Security Pre-build tools for load testing Tested with loads of 300,000 hits per hour Load Testing
  17. 17. Blazeclan Solution Architecture CloudIT Better17 High Availability Scalable Oracle RDS with Standby Instance Amazon S3 as Origin File server for CloudFront Amazon CloudFront for Download Distributions Secured CloudFront downloads using signed URLs Architecture
  18. 18. Blazeclan Advantage CloudIT Better18 Agile Development led to on time delivery. Automated load testing & Vulnerability Testing reduced Testing Cycle duration. Quick Turnaround Offshore development & remote deployment. Open Source Spring Java as development tool. AWS Pay-as-you-go deployment. Low Cost Solution Faster performance compared to the existing infrastructure. Improved Performance Highly Available & Fault Tolerant Solution. Secured. Secure & Reliable
  19. 19. Blazeclan Case Study– EnterpriseMobilityOn Cloud UK Based Property Solution Company 19 CloudIT Better
  20. 20. Blazeclan Business Case • Customer • One of the leading UK based property solution company. • Engaged in business of commercial / Non commercial property inventory inspection and subsequent report generation. • Requirement • The company wanted to automate the process of inventory inspection and report creation. • Large mobile workforce needed application on handheld devices for productivity improvement. • Create SaaS based platform for self and similar companies to use for report generation. • The company also wanted to make the management of vendors/contractors seamless for property solution companies. CloudIT Better20
  21. 21. Blazeclan Challenges CloudIT Better21 Highly fragmented handset device market Mobile management policy Application distribution Enterprise Mobility On Cloud Elasticity and availability SaaS model to end customers Scalability and High Availability Modular application Agile deployment Agile Development
  22. 22. Blazeclan BlazeClan’s Solution CloudIT Better22 Agile Development Processes Agile Development PhoneGap for Cross Platform application development Cross Platform Application Builder Elastic & Scalable Infrastructure Amazon Web Services Pre-configured testing tools to perform vulnerability testing Pre-build Solutions Enhanced users experience by geo- location aware mobile application. Geo-Location Aware Application
  23. 23. Availability Zone Auto scaling Group App Eng App Eng Synch Server OpenMobestor Root Volume Data Volume Mobile User Web Users Backup on S3 RDS MySQL S3 Elastic Load Balancer Route 53 Solution Architecture S3 Online / Offline Data Synch Data Synch through Synch Server
  24. 24. Blazeclan Advantages CloudIT Better24 Using AWS & Open Source Development tools resulted in significant cost savings Low Cost Solution Agile Development for fast development. Automated Testing Quick Turn around Easy to use, secure application Quality Cross platform Application Development. Cross Platform Mobile Development
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