A Fun Way to Learn Video Transcoding with Amazon Cloud


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This interactive presentation tells the story of Video Transcoding. It starts with what video transcoding is, followed by how exactly video transcoding process works. Then the story ventures towards how Amazon Web Services does Video Transcoding and what happens on the cloud in the background while a video is transcoded. Finally the story ends by telling how NETFLIX transitioned from Inhouse to Cloud for its Transcoding to multiple video formats.

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A Fun Way to Learn Video Transcoding with Amazon Cloud

  1. 1. TRANSCODING VIDEO BY Neil with AWS Cloud A Complete Guide to
  2. 2. OOPS !! Were you Expecting an overview or an agenda slide ?  A want to listen to a Story.  A Sense of humour. Well, to Enjoy this Presentation all you need is Meet the Stars -
  3. 3. Video Transcoding ? What is it Exactly?
  4. 4. Say you have a Website  Hosting lots of videos  You want everyone to See World Wide  On Mobiles, PCs, Tablets & more Ideally you would want your audience using different Platforms and Devices to have a seamless User Experience
  5. 5. Now, every Video File is first created in a particular High Resolution format, But, How would devices on various platforms Render it ?
  6. 6. What if ... You could convert your videos into all these rendering formats Well that’s Transcoding! Transcoding means conversion of your video files into different formats so that they can be viewed on different devices and platforms seamlessly
  7. 7. So How does Transcoding Work ? We need to know what a video file contains... Meta Data Audio Track Video Track Subtitle Track+ + + = [ Encoded using Codecs ] Raw File
  8. 8. Different Tracks are Extracted (Decoded) First AUDIO VIDEO SUBTITLE 1 From this Raw File Initially your files are extracted to all constituent tracks
  9. 9. Different Tracks are Extracted (Decoded) Next Transcoding & Filtering 2 1 Tracks are Filtered (for noise, scale, dimensions & sharpening) & Transcoded (one audio chunk, then video chuck, then next audio & so on) to new formats 1 1 AUDIO VIDEO SUBTITLE
  10. 10. Different Tracks are Extracted (Decoded) Finally Video in New Formats 1 3 After Transcoding & Filtering, your Tracks are multiplexed or interleaved back to one File Format, ready for Distribution 1 1 Transcoding & Filtering AUDIO VIDEO SUBTITLE 2 Tracks Encoded back & multiplexed
  11. 11. Now that you know how video transcoding works... Lets see how Amazon Web Services (AWS) does Video Transcoding Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  12. 12. But First, lets get to know the basic AWS Elements involved in Transcoding IAM EC2 SNS S3
  13. 13. Helps you Assign Computing Instances on the Amazon Cloud for your various operations. EC2 Elastic Compute Capacity 1
  14. 14. S3Helps you Store & Retrieve Content from The Amazon Cloud Simple Storage Service 2
  15. 15. Notifies you of the progress of your on going job queues SNS 3 Simple Notification Service
  16. 16. IAMAllows you to set access rights for your data Identity & Access Management 4
  17. 17. You need to have your files first on S3 buckets. So How does Elastic Transcoder operate ? Now, define your input & output S3 buckets that will contain the transcoded content. You can upload data onto your S3 buckets from AWS console.
  18. 18. S3 S3 Now, Select a Transcoding Pipeline, and Define Transcoding Jobs, i.e. the files you want to transcode. Input Bucket Transcoding Pipeline Output Bucket Job 1 Job 3 Job 2 Jobs in queue
  19. 19. Voila ! Your videos are transcoded & ready for Distribution !
  20. 20. Wait Up ! With AWS you get added Benefits Set Multiple Transcoding pipelines based on priority of Jobs, simultaneously.
  21. 21. With AWS you get added Benefits Get Variety of transcoding pre sets available on AWS.
  22. 22. With AWS you get added Benefits Use IAM to control access of data
  23. 23. With AWS you get added Benefits Transcode videos either from AWS console or configured APIs.
  24. 24. With AWS you get added Benefits Get 20MBs of transcoding FREE every month. Now Experiment with all the new formats !
  25. 25. With AWS you get added Benefits Pay as you go pricing with elastic, scalable & on demand benefits of the Cloud.
  26. 26. But there’s MORE !!! With AWS & BlazeClan you can... Distribute your content World Wide using Amazon CloudFront
  27. 27. But there’s MORE !!! With AWS & BlazeClan you can... Analyse when, what, where & how your content was viewed worldwide using Our Cloudlytics
  28. 28. While your Videos are Transcoded... What happens in the background on Amazon Cloud
  29. 29. Initially a certain number of transcoding jobs are processed on priority basis by EC2 instances Jobs EC2
  30. 30. Jobs require more compute capacity ?? What If ... Or more number of jobs are queued because of on demand requirements ??
  31. 31. Cloud brings along with it Scalability & Elasticity Not to Worry!
  32. 32. Alarms Trigger an Auto Scaling policy indicating that more number of EC2 instances need to be deployed, and instantly the required Compute Capacity is made ready. Alarms Triggered EC2 Auto Scaling
  33. 33. We are Officially done with the basics of Transcoding !
  34. 34. How did NETFLIX Transform Business using Amazon Cloud? So,
  35. 35. You all must have watched movies online on NETFLIX right ? This video Streaming company, initially rented content on DVD’s till 2006/07, When .....
  36. 36. They realized, there was Too Much Content ! So they used GPU Based encoding Hardware to handle the load.
  37. 37. But in 2008, with increasing number of video formats... Barriers to launch new video players for MAC & PCs And, Finally the launch of a video player for XBOX, failing to launch full content catalogues Their in house Infrastructure could not handle the Load !
  38. 38. Amazon Web Services Came with the Solution Using Multiple EC2 instances
  39. 39. In 2009, NETFLIX was able to launch a new video player for Sony Play Station 3 Successfully ! In 2010, the successful Apple Ipad’s video player launch also marked the success on Cloud!!
  40. 40. For more on NETFLIX’s Journey to Cloud & Video Transcoding Visit Our Blogs
  41. 41. In A Nut Shell we Learnt What is Transcoding ? How It works ? How Videos are Transcoded on AWS How NETFLIX benefited
  42. 42. Thanks for Watching Follow Us On : Our Blog : http://blog.blazeclan.com/