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Backup Evernote


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User error is the leading cause of data loss- and Evernote cannot help you in that case. But you can help yourself- you just need to backup Evernote.

In 1990, noted organizational theorist and sociologist Charles B. Perrow noted in his book “Normal Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies” that operators and the personnel handling data are the blamed for disasters and data loss 60-80% of the time. Other studies have shown that of all the users that accidentally deleted or modified their data, 70% don’t even remember when. In most cases, by the time the data loss is discovered, the Evernote history and trash is completely gone. This would not happen if you backup Evernote data. Whether accidental or deliberate, human error can cause huge problems for individuals, small businesses and large enterprises- data loss can cause a loss of revenue, as well as the loss of important and critical information. The need to backup Evernote to another system is of utmost importance to prevent these costly occurrences.

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Backup Evernote

  1. How to Backup Evernote
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “See Plans and Pricing.”
  4. Click on “Get Started”
  5. Drag the Evernote icon to the empty box on the left
  6. You will be forwarded to the Google page. Click on “Allow.”Click on “Sign Up with Google Account”
  7. Your cloudHQ account is created
  8. You will be forwarded to the Evernote page to confirm that cloudHQ can access your Evernote notes. Click on “Authorize” and you will be redirected back to cloudHQ.Click on “Add Evernote”
  9. Click on “Select”Select “Stacks and notebooks”
  10. Drag the Dropbox icon intothe empty box on the right.
  11. You will be forwarded to the Dropbox page to confirm that cloudHQ can write to Dropbox. Click on “Allow” and you will redirected back to cloudHQ.Click on “Add Dropbox”
  12. Name this folder “Evernote_in_Dropbox”. Click on “Create”.Click on “Create Folder”
  13. Click on “Select >>”Click on the newly created folder.
  14. Now you need to select the format into which youwant export your notes. Lets select PDF and TXT.
  15. The arrow will point from Evernote to Dropbox.Click on “Switch to one-way sync”
  16. Click on “Synchronize Continuously” and cloudHQ willstart an automatic and continuous copy of all yourEvernote notes into Dropbox.