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Alba Innovation Think Big Start Small Fintech Event FINAL v1


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Alba Innovation Think Big Start Small Fintech Event FINAL v1

  1. 1. Fintech Commercialisation Support THINK BIG - START SMALL Andrew McGee Innovation Centres Scotland Limited 24th February 2015 in Edinburgh Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen #fintechscot
  2. 2. “Hands-on intensive commercialisation support, collaborating with partners; access to investment and to global markets; sharing the burden whilst helping start-up’s and entrepreneurs find their routes-to-market more rapidly” Tech Start-Up Needs Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  3. 3. • Scottish Enterprise • Highlands & Islands Enterprise • Scottish Development International • Alba Incubation Service • Informatics Ventures • Codebase • E-Spark • Business Gateway • UP • Elevator Start-up Support Landscape Across Scotland Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  4. 4. Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen • Scottish Enterprise initiative • Early stage innovative technology start-up’s across Scotland • SE high growth pipeline & intervention framework products • Fintech; Cleantech; Medtech; Edtech; Software; Digital Media • Lean start-up methodology approach • Delivering market traction and strategic investment Alba Incubation Service …operating as a ‘Virtual Management Team’
  5. 5. Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen Alba Incubation Service • Open Innovation • Strategic investors • International Networks • Innovation Specialists • ICT Specialists • Marketing Experts • Strategy Workshops • Organisational Development Partners and Network…
  6. 6. • 90 high growth tech start-up’s • Raised £23m across 18 deals • Secured grant funding of £644K • Created 308 high tech jobs • Delivered 23 technology focused events • Networking with 500+ delegates Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen Achievements So Far…
  7. 7. Alba’s Cluster of Fintech Clients Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  8. 8. Fintech Commercialisation Process Sales & Marketing Management Team Investment Strategy Financial Modelling Product Development Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen Alba Commercialisation Process
  9. 9. • The Leader CEO • The Technologist CTO • The Finder & Closer Salesman • The Numbers CFO Fintech Commercialisation Management Team Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  10. 10. “60% of Equity Gap’s decision making is based on the top team in an early stage company. These are the people that we are investing in to deliver the plans they have sold us. We need to believe that they can do it, we do not want to spend time and money helping to create the team.” Jock Millican, LINC Scotland Chairman and Gatekeeper of the Equity Gap Angel Syndicate in Edinburgh Quote from Jock Millican; LINC Scotland Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  11. 11. • Market Research know your customer • Direct Marketing target audience • Nurture Marketing bigger vision • Generate Leads content marketing / social media • Business Development Qualification/Qualification • Sales – Close the Deal! Fintech Commercialisation Sales & Marketing Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen Traction Organic Growth Company Value
  12. 12. • Compelling product or service • Defined UK & International market & plan to reach it • Competitor gap analysis • IP / patents • Skilled management team • Business plan inc. financial projections • Exit strategy; delivering significant investor returns • Investor ready pitch; 1 page brief AND video Fintech Commercialisation Investment Strategy Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  13. 13. • Pricing Model • Three Year Plan • Cash Flow - P&L - Balance Sheet • ROI / Cost Benefit Analysis • Investment Funding Fintech Commercialisation Financial Modelling Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen  Grants  FF  Loans  Angel  VC  Crowdfunding  Corporate Venturing  P2P  Banks  Competitions
  14. 14. Fintech Commercialisation Product Development Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen Licensing and / or Open Innovation • Proof of Concept • Software Development / Test • Prototype Stage • Minimum Value Product (MVP) • IP / Patents • Manufacturing / Production
  15. 15. • Business model canvas / mind mapping process • Technology roadmap • Management team structure • Financial model • Routes to market • Project plan & ownership • KPI’s and milestones Fintech Commercialisation 90 Day Plan Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen Measuring Results Quarterly
  16. 16. Typical Case Study • Reviewed & challenged business model elevator pitch • Market research inc. trends / competitor analysis • Marketing plan mindmap process • International networking e.g. Global Scots / UKTI / Events • SMART funding and innovation / marketing grants secured • SDI international strategy workshop • Secured match funding £250k; SIB and Angel Investor • 3 new hires • Won 17 new clients WW • SE Account Management within 18 months Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  17. 17. Client Testimonial “The Alba Innovation Commercialisation Service has given us efficient and practical advice, bringing additional marketing resources and investment support to the table at a vital time in the firm’s development. A firm foundation has been built in partnership with Alba & Scottish Enterprise to drive the business forward” Willie Biggart; Founding Director & Chairman of Aptus Systems Limited Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  18. 18. Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen
  19. 19. Andrew McGee; Commercialisation Adviser +44 (0)7905 326 144 @albainnovation @mcgeeandrew ‘Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen’ Making Fintech Commercialisation Happen