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Cloud9 Lean Business ERP - Pay as you Grow - Software as a Service - 2013


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Cloud9 delivers fully functional ERP business outcomes in a fraction of expected time at a fraction of expected cost to rapidly improve your competitiveness and drive shareholder value.

Cloud9 Lean ERP connects people and data across the enterprise … automating and completing all operational and financial transactions in real time to give you full control and enhanced customer service capability.

Whether you’re a CIO, CFO or CEO of a larger enterprise or the FD, MD, Owner or Investor in a smaller business … the probability is your organization is now facing tougher times than ever before ... with the need to deliver more from less at the core of most activity.

However the other strong mantra that we also hear is 'looking after your customer is more important now than ever to increase competitive advantage and profitability'.

So - who’s right..? Aren’t these agendas at odds with each other..? Can you really deliver better customer service and reduce costs at the same time..? Even if promised, doesn’t such revolution not always first involve heavy upfront investment in expensive new systems..? And does the business have the time available to fulfill such a project turnaround..?

The business challenge is well beyond what accounting software to choose or how easy it is to use. Consolidating your financial and operating position using outdated, inefficient and under-integrated spreadsheet based systems to tie in data from multiple company systems no longer works when there's ever increasing pressure to meet ever shortening timescales and ever increasing demands for transparency. What’s the answer?

Cloud9 Lean Business ERP.
Pay-as-you-Grow software service.
No upfront Capital.

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Cloud9 Lean Business ERP - Pay as you Grow - Software as a Service - 2013

  1. 1. Lean Business ERPKnow your business at a glanceGrowyour businessevery chance
  2. 2. What’s happeningLean Business ERP in your business right now? Problems
  3. 3. Lean Business ERPEvery price agreed?Every sale recorded?Every purchase received?Every piece of stock counted?Every order fulfilled?Every invoice generated?Can you be certain?Know your business at a glance 360
  4. 4. Want complete visibility on your business health? Lean Business ERP delivers true, real time transparency into your day-to-day sales, operations, inventory & finance Wherever you need it Whenever you need it
  5. 5. Real Time Reporting Lean Business ERPYOUR BUSINESS FINANCIAL HEALTH * Drill down to initial transaction * Supports multiple currenciesKnow your BUSINESS STATUS at a glance. Can you afford not to?
  6. 6. THE 360 VIEW OF YOUR BUSINESS Lean Business ERP YOUR BUSINESS 360 UPDATE KNOW YOUR BUSINESS AT A GLANCECloud9 Lean ERP enables you to take full ownershipof all transactions, wherever & whenever requiredindependent of technology platforms
  7. 7. Cloud9 connects and enables people Lean Business ERP and data across your operations model for the future .… that accommodates existing business channelsTelephone Fax Email unlimited users Admin / TeleSales instant & efficient WWW 360 visibility Customers WWW EDI Secure Data WWW Management Centre WWW Suppliers / Partners Connected Intelligent WWW Seamless Business WWW Accounts WWW WWW automated Accountants Advisors Investors business processing real time financials Field Sales Personnel Warehouse & Logistics
  8. 8. automates and completes all operational & financial transactions in real time to give you control real time intelligent and automated workflows with guaranteed data integrity ensuring compliance, accuracy, consistency & completeness in all operational processes & financial transactions financial transparency 3 drives reduced costs same system for 2 and increased profits all sales channels 4 real time visibility, & analysis in a single seamless enables optimum environment decision making 5 one touch people & data self service are securely business connected 24 hour across enterprise availability customers, suppliers, staff, 1 management, partners & investors SAAS pay-as-you-grow Lean Business ERP
  9. 9. Lean Business ERP business happypeople enable your people to work smarter with less stress
  10. 10. Lean Business ERP POSITIONING ERPThe purpose of ERP is to facilitate the flow of operational and financial information between all businessfunctions inside the boundaries of the organisation and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.To-date … implementing ERP considerable cost of software substantial time & cost to implement disruption to business operations ongoing cost of lifetime support fear of lock-in and inflexibility
  11. 11. Lean Business thinking is founded on Lean Business ERPgetting POSITIONINGwhat you needwhere you need itwhen you need itat the lowest costwithout wastetomaximise valueimprove service deliveryoptimise profitsCloud9 Lean ERPdeliversthese business outcomesin a fraction of expected timeat a fraction of expected costtorapidly improve your competitiveness and drive shareholder value
  12. 12. Know your business at a glance Demo & ProofGrow your business every chance IBM Smarter Planet
  13. 13. Lean Business ERP Order Processing 24x7 Existing Business Channels Cloud9Telephone Fax Email Connected www Intelligent www Automated Telesales Business Field Sales Customer Control Risk Management Auto Confirmation Email Auto Confirmation Email Auto Credit Check Auto Unapproved Alert Accounting If unavailable? Management Approval Management Auto Stock Check Internal Warehouse(s) 1. Available In-house? Drop ship Distributors? Auto P/O 2. Available at supplier? Requirements Auto GRN Auto Supplier Qty - Data Entry Pick & Auto Pick List Approve Email Management Auto Despatch Note 360 Visibility of Operations Auto Invoice Auto Reports End-to-end Financial Transparency All Financials processes completed & Control & Analysis Auto Updated one time entry of data
  14. 14. Rethink IT • Reinvent Business •IBM Smarter Planet Technologies Lean Business ERPBrian Dickson, UK Director brian.dickson@cloud9software.euTelephone: +44 (0)7523 287394 or +44 (0)141 416 0476 dicksonb1Smart • Secure • Ready for Business •IBM Global Software Entrepreneurs IBM Smarter Planet