Rainforests of indonesia barb v 2


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A teaching unit about The Threats to rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra

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Rainforests of indonesia barb v 2

  1. 1. Stage 3 Sustainable Asia
  2. 2. W What do L K we want to know? What haveWhat do wewe know? learned?
  3. 3. What are How are rainforests? rainforests What can we formed? do to protect rainforests? Rainforest plantsWhat is palm oil? Rainforest animals What are the threats to Regeneration rainforests? in the rainforest Why are Where are the rainforests rainforests ? important?
  4. 4. Map Terminology and Vocabulary WordsContinents Longitude- imaginary Tropic of Cancer- the parallel North Pole- lies in the centerNorth America lines that run at right of latitude that is 23½ degrees of the Arctic circle; northern angles to the equator and north of the equator end of the Earth’s axisSouth America meet at the North andAsia South Poles; also called Tropic of Capricorn- the South Pole- southern end ofAfrica meridians parallel of latitude that is 23½ the Earth’s axis; lies inAntarctica degrees south of the equator continent of Antarctica Latitude- imaginary linesAustralia that run horizontallyEurope around the world parallel Map Key- tells what the Scale- way to measure aOcean to the equator;also called symbols on a map mean larger area (like a continent) parallels on a map.Pacific OceanAtlantic Ocean Equator- imaginary line Compass rose- a symbol on aIndian Ocean around the middle of the map that has arrows thatArctic Ocean Earth that divides the point to directions (north, Earth into two equal south,east,west)Southern Ocean halves (northern and southern hemisphere)
  5. 5. http://www.globaleducation.edu.au/2366.html
  6. 6. Process Question Stems Knowledge What? Where? When? Is? Did? Does?Comprehension What can? Where would? When would? What is? Application How might? How would? When might? When would? Analysis How are___ alike? How are they different? Synthesis What might happen if…? If ____ what would? What would you change and how? Evaluation Which ______ do you agree with, and why? Which ________ would you prefer and why? What is your opinion of ____ ?
  7. 7. Click to learnhow to create a Tagul of your own
  8. 8. endangered fungi germinate greenhouse herbivore humus loggingphotosynthesis rainforest seedling shrub temperate tropical monsoon symbiotic biodiversity understorey biofuel tropical vegetation canopyecosystem understory equator refuge species debris decomposegerminate seedling temperate deforestation climate emergent
  9. 9. Joanna Blogs SENTENCE WHERE I FOUND THE WORD:NAME In the rainforest most plant and animal life is not found on the forest floor, but in the leafy world known as the canopy. CONTEXT CLUES FROM THE TEXT MY CONNECTIONS WITH THIS WORD : is not found on the I think of the word canopy as something like a tent that you can shelter under. forest floor leafy world PART OF SPEECH: WORD: Canopy noun A PICTURE TO REMIND ME OF THE WORD’S MEANING : MY GUESS AT THE MEANING: A high up part of a forest that is leafy and provides shelter. It could be the high up parts of trees THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION: a : a cloth covering suspended over a bed b : a cover (as of cloth) fixed or carried above a person of RELATED WORDS: high rank or a sacred objec c : a protective covering: as (1) : the uppermost spreading branchy layer of a forest MY OWN SENTENCE: USING THE WORD: The sun was hot, but the rainforest creatures were sheltered from its rays by the canopy of leaves.
  10. 10. Green the film Click on the TV to watch the film and create a story-map to summarise the narrative.Green relates the moving story of the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia for palm oil, tropicalwood and paper production.The story is told from the point of view of an Orang-utan in its last days of life. The story dramaticallyhighlights the consequences of destruction of habitat, consumerism ,depletion of biodiversity and thatIndonesian rainforest destruction is wreaking on endangered species like the orang-utanRead more: Green The Film | Rainforest Action Network http://ran.org/green-film#ixzz26yObY19M
  11. 11. Story map for Green the filmSetting CharactersWhere?When?Complication/ProblemEvent 1 Event 2 Event 3Event 4 Event 5 Event 6Resolution and Message
  12. 12. The tropical rainforests are an importantglobal resource and are the basis of mostof the worlds biodiversity.The rainforests store immense quantitiesof carbon and are the home of countlessmedicinal plants. Watch this video whichhighlights Wehea Protected Forest in EastKalimantan, Borneo
  13. 13. Mission 1 The worlds rainforest are home to many tribal people. This is one of the least-recognised facts about rainforests Tragically, most of the native societies of the rainforest have already been destroyed or are under threatThe Penan BBC Info Video WWF
  14. 14. Mission 2 Javan Rhinoceros Sumatran Tiger The Orangutan Giant Pied Hornbill Sumatran Elephant Ramin
  15. 15. Mission 3
  16. 16. Mission 4 IMPACT ON OUR PRESERVING CLIMATE EFFECTS DAILY LIVES BIODIVERSITY http://www.rainforestconservation.org/rainforest-primer/3-rainforests-in-peril-deforestation/e-why-preserve-the-tropical-rainforests-of-the-world
  17. 17. Mission 5 Illegal logging and paper production Palm oil plantations and unsuitable Threats to agriculture the Rainforest Illegal wildlife trade Global Warming • http://www.orangutan.org/rainforest/indonesian-forest-facts • http://www.endangeredspecieshandbook.org/forest_indones ia7.phpForest facts Logging Palm Oil paper population
  18. 18. Mission 6Many people all over the world are working together through internationalconservation organisations to protect and restore rainforests. Many They areworking to : each about the importance of the environment estore damaged ecosystems by planting trees. ncourage people to live more sustainably stablish parks where rainforests are protected upport companies that are trying to reduce the negative environmental impacts. http://www.rainforestrescue.org.au/ http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/ Rainforest Rainforest Rainforest Indonesian Rainforest Rescue Alliance Alliance Foundation
  19. 19. Can you make a difference ? Discussion startersBarbies rainforest Barbie and Ken: At last the Colonel’s destruction habit secret recipe is out of REVEALED! The Breakup the bucket
  20. 20. Group 1What is sustainable palm oil?http://www.greenpalm.org/en/about-palm-oil/what-is-sustainable-palm-oil
  21. 21. What is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, and what is Green Palmcertification?Why do some people say that RSPO certification is not enough to protectrainforests in Borneo and Sumatra?What is greenwashing?Why do some people accuse companies seeking RSPO certification ofgreenwashing?Why do some people (like some of the commenters on the Green blog post) thinkthe backlash against palm oil production is misguided?
  22. 22. What can be done ?Watch this video about the importance of our rainforests, detailing the regeneration plans for the Harapan Rainforest in Indonesia.
  23. 23. Image Sources Cargills Problems With Palm Oil Sumatran elephants Palm fruit By CIFOR, (CC BY-NC- Sumatran Rhinoceros by Willem v By Rainforest Action Network, CCbyProudwoman,CC BY-NC 2.0 ND 2.0 Strien,CC BY-NC 2.0 BY-NC 2.0 Forest cover map of in World Rainforest, BY Sumatra, BY Mogabay.com , planet of the apesBy GreenpeaceMogabay.com , CCby-nc-sa Sugar candies sold By CCby-nc-sa Switzerland,CC BY-NC 2.0 vm2827CC BY-NC 2.0 Sumatran tiger (Panthera Blue-fronted Flycatcher hutanBy along arman CC BY-NC 2.0 tigris sumatrae)By 5of7,CC KFCBy chooyutshing,CC BY-NC Sulswesi,byBy fveronesi1,CC BY-NC 2.0 2.0 BY-NC 2.0
  24. 24. Whats at Stake in Borneo by buceros bicornisBy Joachim S. Log yard for illegal loggingBy RAN’s Rainforest Agribusiness Team Rainforest Action Network, Investigates Palm Oil Controversy in Müller ,CC BY-NC 2.0 CIFOR,CC BY-NC 2.0 Indonesia CC BY-NC 2.0BTBT-1784_20090401_IMG_0004 By Penan rice-houseBy PenansBy tajai, SarawakBy Wakx Orang Asli,CC BY-NC 2.0 tajai,CC BY-NC 2.0 CC BY-NC 2.0 CC BY-NC 2.0 WWF LogoBy ponChiang,CC Fashion Ken 2 By layers of trf by BY-NC-ND 2.0 Barbie arquitectaBy estudiantes de JimmyMac210 geography2006, CC BY-NC arquitecturaBY-NC 2.0 CC BY-NC 2.0 2.0FrogBy chrisinplymouthCC BY-NC Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris Greenpeace at Latitude 2010By Blue-fronted Flycatcher 2.0 sumatrae)By 5of7,CC BY-NC 2.0 HowardLake,CC BY-NC 2.0 Sulswesi,byBy fveronesi1,CC BY-NC 2.0