A	  	  	  guide	  by	  Hans	  Dusink	  
What	  is	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  ?	  	  	         	         WordPres...
How	  many	  ;mes	  have	  you	  	                          Read	  	       the	  Terms	  of	  Service	  	  (TOS)	  agreeme...
Did	  You	  Know……..?	               A	  website’s	  Terms	  of	  Service	  apply	  whether	               you	  sign	  up...
Please	  read	  this	  Agreement	  carefully	  before	  accessing	  or	  using	  this	  website.	  By	  accessing	  or	  u...
Lets	  have	  a	  look	  at	  what	  you	  have	  agreed	  to	  at	  	  
The	  Terms	  of	  Service	  are	  usually	  more	  than	  one	  document.	  	                The	  WordPress.com	        ...
is	  only	  available	  to	  individuals	  older	  than	  	  
You	  are	  en;rely	  responsible	  for	  the	  content	  	  and	  the	  harm	  caused	  by	  content	  published	  on	  Y...
That	  means	  that	  WordPress.com	  will	  NOT	  be	  liable	  for	  any	  consequences	  from	  material	  that	  appea...
Among	  other	  things	  your	  content	  :	  •  must	  not	  contain	  any	  viruses,	  worms,	  malware,	  Trojan	     h...
 You	  also	                                                                                          undertake	  that	   ...
AutomaIc	  has	  the	  right	  (though	  not	  the	  obliga;on)	  to,	  in	  AutomaIc’s	  	  sole	  discre;on	  :	  	  1. ...
And	  by	  the	  way	    hKp://www.flickr.com/photos/benhusmann/4133651889/	  CC	  BY	  2.0	                               ...
If	  this	  sounds	  like	  AutomaIc	  is	  all	  care	  and	  no	  responsibility	  	  	  	  	  	  ……….THINK	  AGAIN	  
The	  website	  is	  provided	  “as	  is”.	  Automa6c	  and	  its	  suppliers	  and	  licensors	  hereby	  disclaim	  all	...
If	  you	  have	  any	  issues	  with	  any	  of	  the	  condi;ons	  your	  only	  remedy	  is	  to	  	  using	  the	  ser...
PRIVACY	  According	  to	  AutomaIc’s	  Privacy	  Policy	  preamble	  “Your	  Privacy	  is	  important	  to	  us.”	  	  Th...
WordPress.com	  does	  not	  ask	  for	  much	  informaLon	  to	  set	  up	  a	  blog	                                    ...
PRIVACY	  But	  be	  aware	  that	                      •  AutomaIc	  uses	  cookies	  to	                           help	...
PRIVACY	                                          Cookies	  A	  cookie	  is	  a	  string	  of	  informa;on	  that	  a	  we...
One	  Last	  Thing:	         Your	  agreement	  with	  AutomaIc	  can	  change	  at	         any;me.	         	         	 ...
So	  now	  will	  you	  check	  the	  TOS	  before	  visiLng	  or	  signing	  up	  for	  services	  on	  the	  Web?	  
References	  a2gemma.	  [Image].	  (2007).	  Point!	  Retrieved	  from	  hKp://www.flickr.com/photos/a2gemma/1448178195/	  ...
References	                                         	  Klara	  Kim.	  [Image].	  (2007).	  Cookies	  do	  not	  always	  w...
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WordPress Policy Primer


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When was the last time you read the Terms of Service of a website you visited or for a service you signed up for?

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  • I really liked the format of your presentation. It was very well set out, easy to look at and understand with a perfect amount of information per slide.

    I found similarities between Wordpress and Twitter which I was not aware of. Twitter is also restricted to users over 13 (but does not ask age on sign up) and Twitter also holds no liability for user content. As a personal user of Wordpress using only the free versions I had never considered the implications of the terms regarding financial transactions. I find it interesting and surprising to learn that no refunds are provided on purchases; as an Australian consumer I would find this very hard to swallow if I found myself in a situation where under Australian consumer law I would otherwise be entitled to a refund.

    It was interesting discover that Wordpress does not collect, store or share information (except as required by law). Given the incredible value of data - “extremely valuable” according to Lessig – in modern commerce and given the open access that Wordpress would have to user data, I was quite surprised to know that this information is not shared or sold to any third parties (Lessig, L. 1998). My lack of knowledge of the use of my personal data on Wordpress seems fits with Goettke and Christiana’s assertion that “users are generally unaware and/or unconcerned with protecting their privacy” on social networking sites (Goettke, R & Christiana, J. 2007).

    The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) writes by browsing the internet and blogging you relay personal information; sites such as Wordpress require careful use of the user given as stated in your presentation that Wordpress is not liable for any content posted by the user (Online Privacy, 2008). Even if content is not legally questionable it can still land a user in to trouble, with “reports of employers firing employees for blogging” (Online Privacy, 2008).

    An interesting presentation! Thanks!


    Goettke, R., & Christiana, J. (2007). Privacy and Online Social Networking Websites. Computer Science 199r: Special Topics in Computer Science Computation and Society: Privacy and Technology. Retrieved from http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/cs199r/fp/RichJoe.pdf

    Lessig, L. (1998). The Architecture of Privacy. Retrieved from http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/works/lessig/architecture_priv.pdf.

    Privacy and the Internet: Travelling in Cyberspace Safely (2008). Retrieved from http://www.privacyrights.org/fs/fs18-cyb.htm
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WordPress Policy Primer

  1. 1. WordPress.COM TERMS OF SERVICE
  2. 2. A      guide  by  Hans  Dusink  
  3. 3. What  is                                                    ?         WordPress.com  is  a  blog  and  web  site  hos;ng  service   created  to  bring  the    “open  source  Wordpress  package  to  a   larger  audience”.  (WordPress.com,  2011)       Nearly  everything  on  WordPress.com  is  free,  but  they  offer   paid  upgrades  for  custom  design  and  custom  domains.     WordPress  is  owned  by  AutomaIc  Inc.  A  company   “passionate  about  making  the  web  a  beKer   place”  (AutomaIc,  n.d.)  
  4. 4. How  many  ;mes  have  you     Read     the  Terms  of  Service    (TOS)  agreement  before  accessing  or  signing   up  to  a  website?   hKp://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeycouture/324356997/    CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐ND  2.0  
  5. 5. Did  You  Know……..?   A  website’s  Terms  of  Service  apply  whether   you  sign  up  for  a  service  or  just  visit.  
  6. 6. Please  read  this  Agreement  carefully  before  accessing  or  using  this  website.  By  accessing  or  using  any  part  of  the  website  ,  you  agree  to  become  bound  by  the  terms  and  condi;ons  of  this  agreement.   (WordPress.com,  2011)  
  7. 7. Lets  have  a  look  at  what  you  have  agreed  to  at    
  8. 8. The  Terms  of  Service  are  usually  more  than  one  document.     The  WordPress.com   Agreement  includes     AutomaIc’s  Privacy   Policy  as  well  as  all   other  opera;ng  rules,   policies  and  procedures   that  may  be  published   from  ;me  to  ;me.  
  9. 9. is  only  available  to  individuals  older  than    
  10. 10. You  are  en;rely  responsible  for  the  content    and  the  harm  caused  by  content  published  on  YOUR  blog    
  11. 11. That  means  that  WordPress.com  will  NOT  be  liable  for  any  consequences  from  material  that  appears  under  your  account  
  12. 12. Among  other  things  your  content  :  •  must  not  contain  any  viruses,  worms,  malware,  Trojan   horses  or  other  harmful  or  destruc;ve  content  •  must  not  be  pornographic  nor  contain  threats  or  incite   violence  towards  individuals  or  en;;es,  and  does  not   violate  the  privacy  or  publicity  right  of  any  third  party.  •  must  not  be  named  in  a  manner  that  misleads  your  readers   into  thinking  that  you  are  another  person  or  company.   (WordPress.com,  2011)    
  13. 13.  You  also   undertake  that   content   appearing  in   your  blog  does   not  infringe  the   proprietary   rights  of  any   third  party.     You  warrant   that  you  have   the  appropriate   permission  to  hKp://www.flickr.com/photos/elmorsa/4607566698/    CC  BY  NC  SA  2.0   use  that   content.
  14. 14. AutomaIc  has  the  right  (though  not  the  obliga;on)  to,  in  AutomaIc’s    sole  discre;on  :    1.  Refuse  or  remove  any  content  that  violates   any  AutomaIc  policy  or  is  harmful  or   objec;onable,  or    2.  Terminate  or  deny  access  to  and  use  of  the   Website  to  any  individual  or  en;ty  for  any   reason,  in  AutomaIc’s  sole  discre;on.   (WordPress.com,  2011)    
  15. 15. And  by  the  way   hKp://www.flickr.com/photos/benhusmann/4133651889/  CC  BY  2.0   AutomaIc  has  no  obliga;on  to   refund  any  amounts  of  money  that   you  may  have  paid  to  them.  
  16. 16. If  this  sounds  like  AutomaIc  is  all  care  and  no  responsibility            ……….THINK  AGAIN  
  17. 17. The  website  is  provided  “as  is”.  Automa6c  and  its  suppliers  and  licensors  hereby  disclaim  all  warran;es  of  any  kind,  express  or  implied,  including,  without  limita;on,  the  warran;es  of  merchantability,  fitness  for  a  par;cular  purpose  and  non-­‐infringement. (WordPress.com,  2011)  Neither  do  they  warrant  that  the  website  will  be  free  of  errors  or  that  access  will  be  con;nuous  or  uninterrupted.  
  18. 18. If  you  have  any  issues  with  any  of  the  condi;ons  your  only  remedy  is  to    using  the  services  provided.  
  19. 19. PRIVACY  According  to  AutomaIc’s  Privacy  Policy  preamble  “Your  Privacy  is  important  to  us.”    They  only  collect  personal  informa;on  that  is  needed.      They  do  not  share  informa;on  with  anyone  except  to  comply  with  the  law.    They  do  not  store  personal  informa;on  on  their  servers  unless  required  for  the  on-­‐going  opera;on    of  your  service.        (AutomaIc,  n.d)  
  20. 20. WordPress.com  does  not  ask  for  much  informaLon  to  set  up  a  blog   (WordPress.com,  2011)  
  21. 21. PRIVACY  But  be  aware  that   •  AutomaIc  uses  cookies  to   help  iden;fy  and  track   visitors,  their  usage  and  their   website  access  preferences.   •  certain  features  of   AutomaIc’s  websites  may   not  func;on  properly   without  the  aid  of  cookies   (AutomaIc,  n.d).  
  22. 22. PRIVACY   Cookies  A  cookie  is  a  string  of  informa;on  that  a  website  stores  on  a  visitor’s  computer,  and  that  the  visitor’s  browser  provides  to  the  website  each  ;me  the  visitor  returns.  This  informa;on  may  include  login  or  registra;on  data.   hKp://www.flickr.com/photos/klara/403856634/    CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  2.0  
  23. 23. One  Last  Thing:   Your  agreement  with  AutomaIc  can  change  at   any;me.           IT  IS  YOUR  RESPONSIBILITY  TO  CHECK  THE   WEBSITE  FOR  ANY  CHANGES  
  24. 24. So  now  will  you  check  the  TOS  before  visiLng  or  signing  up  for  services  on  the  Web?  
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