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Information commons

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. The Information What? Dr Christine Sexton Director, Corporate Information and Computing Services (CiCS) University of Sheffield
  2. 2. The Information What?
  3. 3. The Information Commons
  4. 4. 24,000 students from 124 countries 5,500 postgraduate students 5,800 staff Campus 1.6km long Current capital programme £220m
  5. 5. Fourth largest city in England Centre of England Industrial heritage Green city and close to open countryside
  6. 6. Professional Support Services Registrar & Secretary Information Services Division Corporate Information The University and Computing Library Services (CiCS) ISD is a virtual organisational unit
  7. 7. Drivers Study Space – not enough Poor quality IT and print separate No group areas Student dissatisfaction New learning methods No room for expansion
  8. 8. The vision A shared CiCS/Library facility The student learning space of the future An integrated learning environment A flagship building for the 21st century
  9. 9. Building a business case A £23m investment in the student learning experience Conventional method difficult - no income stream Impact of loss of future student recruitment National Student Survey - the student experience
  10. 10. The Brief High quality architecture – modern, striking, functional Wide variety of study environments No regimented spaces Generous study space – 4.2m2 Desks have PCs - not IT workstations 24/7 operation Energy efficient / sustainability Good acoustic performance Accessible
  11. 11. How I nearly got to Galway…
  12. 12. How I nearly got to Galway…
  13. 13. 1,350 study spaces 8,000m2 usable space 13 group study rooms 2 classrooms 24/7 opening 520 desktop PCs 60 internet kiosks Wireless 100,000 textbooks RFID robotic sorting
  14. 14. Project cost £23m including fitout Start on site May 2005 Handed over 1730 on Thurs 5/4/07 Opened to students 1000 Tues 10/4/07 Easter weekend Architects: RMJM
  15. 15. Staffing IC staff 0900 to 2100 Concierge/security staff 2100 to 0900 Balance of library/IT enquiries IC Manager the only new post - other staff from redeployment Staff from CiCS and Library work together Cross skilling Students as staff
  16. 16. Equality and Diversity Full wheelchair accessibility 24-hour opening 365-day opening inc major festivals A multi-faith prayer room CCTV for safety and security Fire evacuation lifts Hearing loops Height adjustable desks all floors Left handed desks Large text keyboards all floors Supervised children allowed Additional support manager
  17. 17. Sustainability Sustainable materials Motion sensors for all lighting Grey water collection Low energy Sunrays Low energy PCs Bubbledeck concrete Northlights reduce solar gain
  18. 18. Usage No big drop in occupancy for other sites Mean visit length to IC is around 2 hours Longest stay is 6 days! Average footfall 6000 Average occupancy 700 Christmas Day – 95 at 1600 20% of visits are by postgraduates Frequently 500 overnight
  19. 19. The Information what?
  20. 20. Award Winning RIBA Award RIBA Yorkshire Building of the Year White Rose Gold Prize for Architecture Building of the Year – Sheffield Design Awards Two construction innovation and sustainability awards
  21. 21. Lessons learned If you build it, they will come Huge untapped demand No matter what device students are using – they need somewhere to sit Listen to them – be flexible and respond Think of any 24*7 facility like an airport Protect your fit out budget Don’t lose touch with design process You can be a victim of your own success
  22. 22. Thanks for listening