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SWOT Analysis- MP3 Player


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Published in: Education
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SWOT Analysis- MP3 Player

  1. 1. SWOT analysis- MP3 Player
  2. 2. STRENGTHS • MP3 player allows internet streaming of music from Spotify, means customer doesn’t have spend time downloading loads of music • Allowing internet streaming give you an edge over Apple • Spotify is free unless you get premium
  3. 3. WEAKNESSES •Trying to compete with Apple might be a bad decision as customers are loyal and may be unwilling to switch •Though Spotify is accessible and free, you have to pay to prevent adverts. Music selection is also a little limited also
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITIES • Make product affordable to a wider audience than Apple • Could market product to a niche audience to differentiate yourself • Could make more music streaming websites available. Spotify may not be the best one as there are adverts unless you pay for premium
  5. 5. THREATS • Apple are the market leaders in terms of music devices. Customers tend to be loyal and may not be willing to switch to something new • There are other products on the market competing with Apple, such as Sony. Product is cheaper than Apple