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Surfers Against Sewage Initial Ideas


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Surfers Against Sewage Initial Ideas

  1. 1. Below are a selection on colours that I could use across all of my products. To the right is a more pastel version of this colour scheme. I though I could use these colours for the kids clothing. Doing this would enable me to use the same design as the adult clothes, though would separate them, making them easily distinguishable. I think that pastels are also colours that we would associate with young children.
  2. 2. Use similar image for poster Wouldn’t use this image, but this drawing style for poster Could use similar image to create coral pattern for merch Above are a number of images of litter that I could use as inspiration for posters and merch Below are a number of images of waves that I could use as inspiration for my logo The shapes of these 2 images of surfboards could help me create my images of surfboards for my logo, or anything else Here are some images of seaweed that I could use to inspire me for some of my products. I could use the bottom image to give me some ideas for the shapes I want to use, and the top shows me the drawing style I might use. Could use a similar image to this for some of my merchandise
  3. 3. I prefer this style for my crab drawing. I think it looks less silly than the previous one I looked at. I think it would be more appealing to both children and adults. It would be a good image to use for my beach clean up posters. I also like this style. I could use this for my drawings. I might use a more vibrant colours for my drawings as I want to appeal to children as well as adults. I like this quite 3D look that they have created with this image. I could adopt this style for my own drawings. Here are some more examples of wave images. I much prefer these to the look of the examples I gave in the previous slide. I prefer the shapes, and the drawing style of these. I think that these look more artistic and interesting. They would be good for my logo, or for some of my posters. Perhaps some better images of litter to use
  4. 4. Could use this font for some of my posters. Looks hand drawn and might appeal to kids. Still readable. Could use this font for my logo. Big and bold so would be readable in a variety of sizes. Could consider this other hand written looking one for some of my posters. Looks more childlike. Here is another font I could consider for my logo. Slightly more italic and curved so it reflects the organisation a bit more. I could use this font if I decided to make some products more aimed towards adults rather than children. Very simple, would be good on all sorts of products. Here is another font that I could use for products made for an older audience. Interesting font, might be better for posters as it could be slightly unreadable in a smaller size.
  5. 5. This poster was a submission for a competition by SAS. Like the colours and the style. Might make mine more modern however. This poster could inspire my posters for a more adult audience. Like the bold simple style and the all blue colour scheme. Like the colour scheme, the shapes and the font for this. Could reconsider the colour scheme for my adult audience. Shapes could be used to inspire my logo. They are simple and would be visible is a range of sizes. Could darken some of these colours to the left so that they look less infantile. Colour scheme on the right is better. Here is an example of a colour scheme I might use for an adult wetsuit
  6. 6. I think I will use these colours for the majority of my products (excluding the kids exclusive stuff). The blue relates to the organisations cause. The black is simple, it darkens up the look of the rest of the colours and goes with everything. The purple adds an interesting new element to the colour scheme, it stands out without being to bright and immature.
  7. 7. For the kids products I would use a lot more colour, and do more drawings. Could create an animal character? Here is a kids t-shirt from SAS. Its very brightly coloured, and features an animal illustration on the front. This could inspire some on my own products. asdfghjkl This poster isn’t specifically aimed at children, though it will be aimed at a variety of ages to appeal to everyone. They have used bold text and bright colours which I could use for my kids posters. Use lines paper for the background of some of my kids posters. It has connotations of school. Here are 2 colour combinations I could use for some kids clothing
  8. 8. Here is an idea for the main kids colour scheme. I have kept 3 shades of blue so that you see that they are connected, however I have made this colour scheme brighter and lighter than the adult colour scheme to make it more childlike.