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Merchandise Ideas


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Published in: Education
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Merchandise Ideas

  1. 1. Adult Merchandise Design Ideas
  2. 2. Kids Merchandise Design Ideas
  3. 3. Merchandise Set 1 For this set of merchandise I have used the main shape from my logo in its original colour. I have used it in a few different ways on the merchandise. I have just used a small version of it on the T-shirt. I think it looks better on the T-shirt as a small detail rather than a large print. On the laptop cover I have used the shape to create a pattern covering the case. On the rest of the items I have just places the shape on in a fairly large size so that it covers a lot of space. I think that the shape perhaps works best for T-shirts rather than for other merchandise, as I think it looks too plain.
  4. 4. Merchandise Set 2 I used the same shape for set 2, however in black rather than purple. I placed the shape on all of the same items, and in the same size and place on the items. Again, I think that the shape looks best on the T-shirt, but perhaps too plain on the rest of the items.
  5. 5. Merchandise Set 3 I created this design with the shapes of waves in mind. However I used a different colour to the colours from my main colour scheme. I used brown and black for my design. I thought that brown would perhaps be a good choice as it could have connotations of being earthy or natural which might appeal to the audience for SAS. I like the design, however I think the merchandise should recognizably belong with the rest of the products I have created, and I don’t think it does.
  6. 6. Merchandise Set 4 I really like this design. I think it fits in well with the rest of the products I have made during this project. You can see that the shapes I have created are somewhat reflective of the shapes of waves, however I have used geometric shapes rather than organic shapes. I think that this design works on a variety of different items, more than the previous designs. However I think that I could do some more to develop this design to improve it.
  7. 7. Merchandise Set 5 I have made a small adjustment to the previous design. The previous design featured all black stripes, however this time I have added in some blue stripes. The blue I have used is from my main colour scheme. This might make it more recognizable to the audience. The blue also has connotations of water, and so relates more to the organizations purpose.
  8. 8. Merchandise Set 6 I have added in another small detail to the design. I have included the organizations name at the top of the design. The name doesn’t fit on all of the items, such as the pillow, the mug or the travel mug, though I don’t necessarily think that it needs to be on all of the items, as those items probably look best without. I have put the organizations name in the same font that I have used for it in the logo. I think that the merchandise will be even more recognizable now. Perhaps the items with the organizations name on them will be more appealing to the audience, as they might want to show to others with they are supporting the charity. It also helps the charity to raise awareness of themselves.
  9. 9. Merchandise Idea 7 I have made an improvement to the previous design idea. Before I have the organizations name at the top of the design, now I have it amongst the design, replacing 2 on the stripes. It is also repeated twice across the design, rather than just written once.
  10. 10. Merchandise Idea 8 I have improved on another previous idea. I took idea 2 and added in the organizations name.
  11. 11. Kids Merchandise Idea 1 For the kids merchandise I wanted the designs to be quite playful. In comparison to my adult merchandise, I think that this design is perhaps quite playful. The drawing is quite childlike, non of it has been drawn to look realistic. I have used quite pastel colours, especially the orange. I think that pastel colours are sometimes associated with young children and babies, so by using pastel colours I have provided a clear distinction between adult and childrens merchandise. I think that this design would work well for both stickers and T-shirts. I think those would be the only 2 items that I would sell to children, as they might not have interest in some other items.
  12. 12. Kids Merchandise Idea 2 For this design I have used the same drawing I did, though I have used it in a different way. This time I have coloured it in, rather than keeping it a line drawing. I have used the same colour scheme as the previous design, however the fins on the fish fade to white which I didn’t use before. I prefer this design to the previous one. I think it looks a bit more fun and cartoony than the previous design.
  13. 13. Kids Merchandise Idea 3 Like some of my adult merchandise design ideas I have created a design out of the main shape from the logo, though using an alternative colour. I have chosen a pastel green colour from my kids colour scheme. I think that this is a nice colour, however I havent used it on any of the other products so it may look a little out of place.
  14. 14. Kids Merchandise Idea 4 Like before, I have done a design using the shape from the logo, though in an alternative colour. This time instead of green I have used pastel orange. This could might be better, as I have used this colour in previous designs and so would fit in better than green.