Audience Theories- Hypodermic Needle Model


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Audience Theories- Hypodermic Needle Model

  1. 1. Theory: Hypodermic Needle Model Theorists: Harold Lasswell What is the theory? The theory suggests that media shows an idea to its audience and they will buy into it. Its as if the media is “injecting” ideas and thoughts into our heads. For example if they were showing violence in a glorified way on the TV then the audience would believe that violence was exactly how it was portrayed on the TV.
  2. 2. Does this theory see the audience as active or passive? Why do you think this? The Hypodermic Needle Theory suggests that the audience is completely passive. I think this because it says that people will accept anything and will not or can’t think for themselves. What are the criticisms of this theory? In 1940 Lazarsfeld conducted a study during the election of Roosevelt. He studied the relationship between voting patterns and the media. He found that most people were not swayed by the media.