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  • Click on the screen shot to go to http://www.co.washington.mn.us/info_for_residents/library/ Walk through finding a book a couple of ways.
  • http://www.co.washington.mn.us/info_for_residents/library/
  • Click on picture of Nook to go to OverDrive. Nook downloading instructions: Click “Download”. Choose “Open” when prompted. Title will appear in Adobe Digital Editions. Plug in Nook. Nook will appear In ADE left viewing pane, under “Bookshelves”. In ADE while in Library View, drag and drop title from right viewing pane, to the Nook, listed under “Bookshelves”. Safely remove hardware using icon on bottom task bar. Unplug nook from computer.
  • Click on Kindle to go to OverDrive. Directions for downloading to Kindle: Click the “Get for Kindle” button on the checkout confirmation page. Amazon will open up. Login to your account, if you are not already logged in. Click “Get library book” link. Then choose the Kindle device, Cloud Reader, or App. The title will download the next time the device syncs.
  • Downlaod a book to iPad Click “Download”. Choose “Open in OverDrive” when prompted. eBooks are downloaded directly to your device. If prompted, choose “Download Now”. Click the book cover to begin reading.
  • Return books as you go or show how to do it now.
  • As of November 16, 2011 from Brian Kraft
  • Diamond is a link to Aqua Browser. Search The Help, by Stockett. It has a variety of formats, including Electronic Resource.
  • As of 11/2011
  • Ebooks course

    1. 1. Washington County Library eBooks
    2. 2. What do www.c LIBRAR o.was Y CARD you hington .mn.us /libra ry need? • Library Card • eBook Reader • Internet ConnectionPhoto from Flickr by Cloned Milkmen And …
    3. 3. Device Specific Requirements
    4. 4. Where are theeBooks? washington.lib.overdrive.com
    5. 5. Finding Books Browse Search eBook Fiction  All eBook Nonfiction  Title Browse Collections  Creator (Author)  ISBN
    6. 6. Finding Books
    7. 7. Book Selection Add to Bookbag • Add the correct format • May have up to 7 eBooks Request First Available • Place hold – Email required • 5 requests at a time • Held for 5 days Wish list • Book is available but you already have 5 titles Proceed To Check Out
    8. 8. Begin CheckoutLogin with librarybarcode and PIN.•Last 4 digits of yourphone number•Self Selected
    9. 9. Continue CheckoutAdjust lendingperiod, if desired.• 7 - 14 – 21Confirm check out• Limit of 5 titles at atime.
    10. 10. Downloading Books from OverDrive Quick Guide to WCL eBooks
    11. 11. Nook & other ePub compatible devices Download Adobe Digital Editons (ADE) Authorize ADE  Create account  Log in Connect Nook to Computer Check out Book via OverDrive  Download Book to ADE  Upload Book to Nook “My Documents” Photo from Flickr by Wesley Fryer
    12. 12. Kindle or Kindle Apps Create Amazon Account Check out Book via OverDrive Download Book to Amazon Account Upload Book to Kindle  Wifi Connection or  USB Photo from Flickr by John Biehler
    13. 13. Mobile Device Overdrive App Go to OverDrive App Choose Library Check out Book Download Book to OverDrive App
    14. 14. Returning Books
    15. 15. OverDrive As of November 16, 2011:Statistics 2,914 Unique Patrons have usedTop 5 Titles: the serviceThe Help 17,640 CheckoutsTwilight, 1,214 Titles in catalogSmokin’ Seventeen 2,457 CopiesThe Pillars of the Earth 1,237 Gutenberg Downloads (inThe Girl Who Kickedthe Hornet’s Nest addition to the above number)
    16. 16. MiscellaneousEbooks are listed in the Washington County LibraryCatalog ◊  Electronic ResourceRate the Books  Must be logged in
    17. 17. OverDrive Support Washington County Library Website Washington County Librarians  On Phone  In Person
    18. 18. Considering an eReader? Cost?  Kindle $79-$199  Nook $99-$249  iPad $499-$829 Reader vs. Tablet?  Books – Children’s Books - Magazines – Newspapers  Apps – Games – Web Access Screen size and device weight? What are your screen preferences?  E-ink or color LCD?  Touch Screen or Keypad/Control pad? Do you need always-on wireless data?  Wi-Fi model or 3G version Retrieved from cnet.com
    19. 19. The EndQuestions?