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Since 1971 Clock Parts has been a manufacturer of mechanisms, inserts and dial faces. ...
Clock Inserts or Fit Ups were introduced to clock makers over 20 years ago. Fitups opened a creative alternative for
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Clock mechanism replacement


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Save with Distinctive Clock Sets

Clock sets offer a way to develop distinctive, tailored wrist watches (as well as the unique personalization that indicates) without needing to invest the considerable time and also care (and connected greater expense) associated with crafting something from the ground up. With clock kits the journeyman clockmaker skirts around using prosaic off-the-shelf items and also refines his skills en route to experienced craftsmanship. This strategy is hence a concession or middle ground that still pays for difference while attaining financial savings.

The flexibility of clock sets is much more comprehensive than one would think. Just because you are putting together something determined doesn't suggest it has to be monotonous or common. And also it does not suggest your only choices are a timepiece for the wall as well as a timepiece for the desk.

Rather, through personalization as well as software assistance the opportunities are limitless and also the results can be fairly striking. You can build wall clocks of various dimensions or tower clocks that use up a whole wall surface. You can go further as well as substitute individual photos for the digits, or create CD clocks executing your very own label, or create a special clock dial, all by starting with a package.

So even though your wrist watch has a clock kit as its beginning, don't assume that you have to sacrifice anything, for the possibility is there for it to possess originality and also personality. In addition, you do not need to hunt around for specific parts, ensuring that each is the appropriate dimension as well as style and that every one of them match each other. When positioning an order for a set, you don't need to gauge for how long the hands need to be or figure out the component phone numbers for a specific movement; you just provide the general dimension and the type.

Consequently, surrender any type of presumptions that clock sets are sub-par or second-rate, or that they necessarily look like exactly what everybody else has. The method could be identical from buying some cookie-cutter product off the shelf, however the quantity of flexibility you are given as well as the level of imagination you could express will certainly astound you. You will not really feel ashamed by your job, whether it is exhausted on a point of beauty just for you to delight in or used towards making a desirable perception on others manuallying out clocks as gifts to family, pals, as well as consumers.

Let's search in more detail at the numerous kits readily available, starting with one of the most basic clock you could intend to put together from a set, particularly, the normal wall surface clock. Greater than just taking the parts out of a box and also putting them together, the process manages the do-it-yourselfer means to customize his job. The basic dimensions are in between 10 and also 14 inches in diameter.

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Clock mechanism replacement

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  2. 2. Email: Subscribe Clock Making Parts Since 1971 Clock Parts has been a manufacturer of mechanisms, inserts and dial faces. Our specialty in clock movements and motors coupled with all the necessary replacement components bring our customers the highest quality, advanced technology and affordable wholesale pricing. As a family owned private company located in Culver City, California, we have maintained a tradition of excellent customer service and quality components. Our quality is a result 40 plus years of experience of being one of the top rated manufacturers in the world. This experience has guided us in the designing and engineering of all of our components. Our customers look to us to bring to them new and inventive products that made their projects and businesses stand out. Clock Movements Our Auto Set movement is an example of this type of innovative approach. This movement has eliminated the need for atomic movements. One reason high torque atomic motors were used in projects was because they automatically adjusted for the spring and fall time changes. The problem with the atomic movements was the reliability of their receiver module to receive the spring and fall time changes and, thereby, make the proper time adjustment. Atomic movements’ receiver module and the AM signal broadcast has always been troublesome. Our auto set motor solved this problem. This motor allows our customers to build clocks that can be placed anywhere without the need for the movement to receive a time broadcast to display accurate time. The Auto Set motor has the daylight saving time changes programmed into the motor so it occurs automatically. There is no need to receive a radio broadcast. We offer an extensive line of clock movements. Our approach as a company goes beyond good engineering and design. A main focus point for us as a company is customer service. We are always concern on how well we provide customer service to our patrons. Clock Dials Our customer service starts with informative videos on our website to help and assist our customers in the proper selection of motors, hands and dial faces. Our blog section on our website provides additional information for our customers to read. We couple these informative blogs and videos with technical telephone support. Our comprehensive selection of battery operated quartz motors will make sure you have the perfect movement for your DIY project. This selection includes USA Made Motors. We offer nine different USA movements. These movements are ideal for the customers who want their project to have the Made in the USA label. Clock Kits Our Mini Battery Quartz Movement line is an extensive line ranging from time only motors to high torque motors, pendulum motors; auto set daylight savings motors, specialty motors, tide motors, chime motors and weather instruments. Whatever you are looking to accomplish we have the right movement for you or the right clock kit. Our high torque movements permit you to create a large wall clock. The other movements we offer allow you to create any type of novelty project such as a trains, kitchen or motorcycle clocks. Our pendulum and chime motors choices include single and double pendulums. Clock Hands Certainly a key factor in building a clock is the choice of hands. A set of hands is both functional as it is cosmetic. We offer a large selection of hour, minute and second hands. The selection includes Seiko continuous sweep second hands, a series of antique hands and hands for German high torque movements. Our hand selection includes different size hands, shape and length. The selection allows you to select the perfect set of hands for your project. Different DIY projects require different dial face options. To meet the plethora of DIY designs we provide different dial faces. We offer round metal dials to square dials. The dial face sizes we provide are the most popular and unique faces on the market. Additionally, we offer specialty dials to include; plastic, round tin, 24 hour movement, and reverse time movement dials. Please visit our dial face webpage to view all the different options we offer. This page may stir your creativity and provide you with some additional project ideas. Clock Inserts converted by
  3. 3. Clock Inserts or Fit Ups were introduced to clock makers over 20 years ago. Fitups opened a creative alternative for hobbyist and professionals. These insert components allow for a contemporary design within a project. Our selection of inserts stands out from the competition both in quality and diversity. We have just released our new premium line of inserts. All of our inserts come complete as one self contained component; hands, dial, lens and bezel. They easily fit into a clock case with a pre-drilled hole. Please view the video to see the complete line of options you have. The Kits and Assortments category not only provide you with the special elements for your project but also bring forth your additional creative ideas so that you can add the finishing touches to any project or create a new project. One of our most popular products is our large wall clock kit. This kit allows you to use large hands up to three and half feet wide. We offer both and Arabic and Roman Numeral numbering. Complete instructions and telephone support is available to make sure your DIY project is a success. Clock Accessories Our clock accessories include items such as hardware, batteries, pendulum parts, stands, tools, etc… These accessories can turn a decent project into a great project. For example, having the right tool for the job is sometimes half the battle to complete the project correctly and easily. Our minute hand nut drive is one of those tools that make installing a minute hand easy. This tool makes tighten down the minute hand nut simple and quick. We also teach you how to make your own hour hand tool. We are one of the largest suppliers of clock components in the world and are happy to help! New Products As an innovative company we pride ourselves in bringing new products and ideas to our customers. One such product is the reverse motor. This product lets you create a special barbershop clock. This unique motor runs in reverse looking through a mirror you can read the analog time display. We bring some exciting auto-set motors to your attention. These motors automatically adjust for daylight saving time. We also develop improvements in dial faces such as reproduction of antique dial faces. The DIY software will bring out the best in your creativity and you’re your project first in its class! Thank you for your consideration and look to us to help with all you project needs and be sure to check out our blog for additional information. RESOURCES Home About Blog Contact Us Affiliate Program FAQ Videos Product Instruction Ordering Info Track Order Returns Sitemap CATEGORIES Movements (Motors) Hands Dials Inserts - Fitups Kits - Assortments Clocks Accessories Desk Set 888-827-2387 Innovation Specialties 5306 Beethoven St. Los Angeles, CA 90066 © 1998 - 2016 Innovation Specialties, Inc., All Rights Reserved. converted by