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This is a sample of my work

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  1. 1. Carucha L. Meuse is a visual journalist. She has worked as a photographer and picture editor since 1999 at newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. The Atlanta native began her career as an intern at Reuters where she worked as a picture editor. After working in DC, she took her first staff job as photographer for The Huntsville Times. She is known for her highly stylized approach. The photographs and multimedia stories are carefully constructed around ideas chosen to fit the image of the subject. What sets her apart is her ability to project the depth and beauty of humanity across ethnic, cultural, age, and class lines. Her explorations into the human experience have taken her around the world and guerdon her with numerous awards. Most recently she participated in an exhibit at Lincoln Center- UnderExposed: Black Female Photographers in American. She lives in New York where she works for and is constantly working on new projects. You can see samples of my work and find out a more about me at: Can't wait to hear from you!