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POEM: No Greater Beauty


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Written by Clive deLaporte. Licensed Unity Minister. New Thought Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Writer. Insight and Inspiration for Life and Living.

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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POEM: No Greater Beauty

  1. 1. POEM No Greater Beauty by Clive deLaporte SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR Licensed Unity Minister
  2. 2. In all of creation If we seek we will find, No greater potential Than Divine Mind.
  3. 3. In all of creation If we value, we will know, No greater treasure Than an awakened soul.
  4. 4. In all of creation If we listen, and be still, We’ll know no greater purpose Than to do the Divine's will.
  5. 5. In all of creation Where limitless abundance awaits, There’s no greater reward, To live simply, by faith.
  6. 6. In all of creation See about and above, So clearly expressed That the we are Beloved.
  7. 7. In all of creation, I have looked and I see, No greater beauty Than the Beloved in you, And the Beloved in me.