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  1. 1. By Charlie Henderson
  2. 2. What is Taoism? Taoism is not a religion like I thought at first but then I found out it’s a philosophy. Taoism means the way to happiness and joy.What does “Tao” mean? Tao means the “way” or the “path”. The "way" or "path" is the appropriate way to behave and to lead others
  3. 3. The History of TaoismTaoism was started by a Chinese philosopher called Lao Tsu in the 6th century BC.It was thought that he was the librarian at the emperors library.This was in the Eastern Chou Dynasty.
  4. 4. What did Lao Tsu believe?1. The way to happiness was to learn not to do things the hard way. They should try to work out the easy way to do things and then things would get done more easily.2. Lao Tsu also thought that everything alive shared a universal life force. There were two sides of the life-force and they are called yin and yang.3. Because everything had a life force Lao Tsu thought it is wrong for people to fight in war ,which I think is true, killing the life force of humans.4. Lao Tsu also thought that it was wrong for governments to make laws that people have to obey. So Taoism is against rules like special food diets, so he thought that people should make decisions themselves.
  5. 5. Yin and YangThe yin (the dark side) is theside of the Women, the moonand death.The yang is the side of Men, thesun and the creation and birth. The yin and yang symbol.Everyone has some yin andyang in them, and Taoism saysyou have to keep thembalanced.
  6. 6. What does a Taoist believe?Taoists believe that they should live in harmony or, in other words, just go with the flow. If they do this they will merge with the Tao. They will be free of their soul and may become one of the immortals.
  7. 7. How should a Taoist behave?Taoists think if they do good actions in their life time they will have a better life.The actions that Taoists cant do is drink alcohol, commit murder, tell lies, steal and commit adultery.They also have a list of good things to do that will help improve the way they live. These could be to love their parents, help others act in a good way, stay healthy & act selflessly.
  8. 8. Does Taoism have a centralheadquarter?Taoism has no centralized government and different groups have different headquarters. However, the White Cloud Temple in Beijing is a key center for training for priests and for administration.
  9. 9. Thank you for listening to my presentation.I hope you all enjoyed listening.