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Plan do check act


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Plan do check act

  1. 1. Plan Do Check Act – 18 April 2008 A practical solution – Get this part right first before you move on Procedures – Lean & Mean Productive Units Trade Process – Regulate – Impact – Maintain – Evaluate associations 1. Company Structure SIA Approved Advertising Contractor Scheme Paperwork flow via Internet directories Presence Potentially New Reorganisation Customers via recent enquiries Research and development Advertising and recruitment Existing Contracts Potential New Bridgwater Station Business via United Kingdom Security business 2 partnerships Contractual Agreement Main Office Premises Old contracts reviewed Bridgwater Avon Security SecurityAssignment Details Station Manager Facilities 1 Changes in Site legislation Records Security Guards Security Officers Security Dogs Business New Employee 1 Security Vehicles partners Contracts 1 Guildhall Bath CCTV’s Sub-contractors SIA Licensing Requirements KEY: Proprietors 2 1 Sub-contractors Contracts Linking Line Training Existing Number of Employees Accountant 1 Pay Requires improvement or upgrading prior to assessment audit 1 Data protection HR Legislation Needs developing SIA Legislation for future business and prior to audit
  2. 2. Focus on the PresentFocus on the Immediate Future  Sort out contracts for assignments and employees  Sort out main office processes and systems  Look at and carry out corrective actions  Implement  Review  Re Bath Repeat as aboveFocus on the Future  Develop web site and internet presence –