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P d a r 18 04 08

  1. 1. a To do Plan Do Check Act Focus on the Present 14 P D A R Clive Burgess 19 April 2008 main office processes and systems preparation for audit Clive burgess© April 2008 UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED
  2. 2. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED b Clive burgess© April 2008 To do Plan Do Check Act Focus on the Present  main office processes and systems preparation for audit Best practice as recommended by the HSE Bad practice not recommended Main telephone line Office use only PC with back up hard drive and PC lock Printer, Fax, Outside Wall 2nd Floor Plan of House Scanner Waste bin for shredded recyclable paperSmall cabinet Bedroom/Bathroomfor shedder and Bedroom/BathroomA4 paper Notice Board Lockable filing cabinet for personnel details and other Hallway - Landing Manuals documents Stairs including safe location for spare Shelf site keys Side wall It is recommended that you do not cutter the Access door with mortise lock Powder Fire office or use it as a storeroom Extinguisher Plan of basic office layout – Not to scale Estimation of room location, but will give you a rough idea of office layout
  3. 3. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTEDFrom the information I have provided you will be able to develop c Tell, Show, Doand improve your auditing skills UnderstandReason: Plan Do Check Act  To take ownership of the process  To change and improve the system to suit Structure your style and business needs  To remember how it fits together and how it works in practice 1 Download files from my research/reference database on to the office PC Create a folder system as Extract files from Create required documents as 2 3 4 follows on your PC. research/reference indicated below There are 12 main folders in database this system To find the correct document template check in Process Folder, 12 - Company Structure Folder Index Structure Policy Finance Planning CONTROL FINANCE  PDF Free SWOT analysis template Organisation Arrangements  Preparation for business plan Word Document Preparing a Business Plan Assets Word Document Understanding the Planning Process Word Document 1st Project Plan Template Appen  Aims and Objectives Power Point Aims and objectives Information 18 Word Document Lean and Mean (Proposal) Vision /Mission Statement – What you stand for and what are your business intentions From this perspective or point of view, you can now develop your overall business policy, Your new objectives… Your activities… Organisation and arrangements Insurance Documents Insurance How you are going to achieve these Scan and file intentions and objectives? all of your insurance Now write it down documents Clive burgess© April 2008 Plan Do, Check, Act
  4. 4. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED dTELL Plan Do Check Act Clive burgess© April 2008 NEW CONTRACTS of EMPLOYMENT  People Staffing and training  Management File CONTRACT Zero Hours  Annual Leave & Official Holiday Dates CONTRACT Fixed Term  Contractual Obligations, Roles and Responsibilities o PDF GO1 1 written statement o PDF Employee Records (  Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures Scan employee’s o PDF 20040119120459 Screening qualifications i.e. o PDF sia get licensedCONTROL PEOPLE C&G/SITO Create a training matrix Security Officer Who What & When Training Certificates BS7499 Static guarding standards o Power Point Site induction programme UK Sec 2007 o 23 Word Document Site Safety Induction 2007 o 24 Word Document Assignment Instruction Basic Design o 25 Word Document Use of CCTV cameras by Security Guards on o static sites o Appraisals Induction Training Information First Aid Manuals BS7499 Assignment Instruction Handbook  Book 1 (Based on City & Guilds Professional Security Officer)  Book 2 UK S Manual (requirement) Procedures Each different assignment will require different types of contract depending on the nature of the work involved, the duration of the assignment and the client’s needs. SHOW Uniforms and equipment
  5. 5. Plan Do Check Act e Print Read Check Process Review Regulate ‘Impact’ Maintain Execute PROCESS MANUAL STRUCTURE (Put printed document in an A4 Folder) (Used to understand the development of UKS’s Integrated control System & Processes) Initial Concept 1 UseMyInfo – 2007 Concept 2 THEY (Social and cultural aspects of control in business) H&S Flow chart 3 IOSH 0 4 The fundamental concepts for excellence DO* 5 Together UK Security trading as Avon Security 6 Basic Principles 4 ISO BSI COMPLIANCE 7 BS 7499 Benchmark 8 Conclusions 9 A Folder System for UKS 2008 10 Structures of Organisations and Arrangements 11 Recommendations 2008 12 Folder Index 2008 13 Plan Do Check Act 14 P D A R (not sent yet – this process)* 15 Pre-Internal Audits 16 Preparing you for ISO 9001 17 1st Plan Templates 18 Lean & Mean PDF emp08 data protection act 1998 PDF Free SWOT analysis template 19 Planning out your future 2 UK Sec 2007* 20 The Management of H&S UK Sec 2007* PDF business plan CHECK • Cost to benefit analysis • Free business plan and marketing • BS7499 Static guarding standards Working time Directive Research 2008 PDF GO1 1 written statement Book 1 Book 2 Holiday Pay FINAL Sept 07 ACAS Payslip calculator Statutory grievance & disciplinary procedures PDF Employee Records 21 Site Safety Induction 2007* Security Legislation – SIA 22 ISSUES OF UNIFORMS & PPE 2007 ACT 23 Site Safety Induction 2007 24 Assignment Instruction Basic Design 25 Use of CCTV cameras by Security Guards on static sites 26 A Supervisor’s Accident Investigations* 26 B UK Security Investigation Form Moving On… 27 Agenda – Templates UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTEDClive burgess© April 2008
  6. 6. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED f PLAN Plan Do Check Act DO Clive burgess© April 2008 Suppliers Plan Do Check Act SalesCONTROL OPERATIONS Security quotes Process documents 1 to 27 are to be used as your Operational manual initial Integrated Control System and Processes Manual (I.C.S.P.M)
  7. 7. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED g Clive burgess© April 2008 Plan Do Check Act See BS7499 Static guarding standards Standard duties Book 1 Book 2 Code of Practice Site recordsCONTROL INFORMATION Check Act  Planning and Preparation First (distance) Basic Audit Audits  Recommendations & Corrective Actions  Put systems and processes in to practice  Initial Internal Audit  Corrective Actions  SIA Workbook Check and Audit SELF REGULATION  Corrective Actions  Check  External Audit Corrective Actions Now you will be recognised as an Focus on the Future Although this folder is at the end of the system, it is in fact the first one you use in this controlling process Continuous Improvement For every end there is a beginning and for every beginning there is an end Remember ‘Only make mistakes you can get over’ and ‘if it cost you more than money you know you’ve got a serious problem’ Plan Do Check Act - Tell, Show, Do Understand