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Bs 7499 benchmark


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Bs 7499 benchmark

  1. 1. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED A BS 7499 – Static guarding and mobile patrol services UK SecurityCONTENTS BENCHMARKIntroduction to BS 7499 Reason for the document: Progress 7Company StructureInsurance  Sets a benchmark as a goalStaffing and training  Demonstrate an understanding of what isUniforms and equipment requiredSuppliers  Give a template for the business profileSalesSecurity quotesOperational manual UK Security trading as Avon SecurityStandard dutiesSite records BENCHMARK Pages A - DIntroduction to BS 7499Static security guarding is Avon Security’s core business. As such, we take the standards laid down by BS 7499 - Static guarding and mobile patrol services extremely seriously. As with all BS standards, Avon Security not only complies, but also exceeds the recommendations and requirements to reassure clients of an industry leading service. This document details how we have developed our systems and processes to ensure a consistently outstanding service.BS 7499 takes the form of a code of practice, providing recommendations for all areasfrom management to day-to-day operation of static guarding services. Avon Securitydo not provide mobile patrols, so this document focuses on the requirements for staticsecurity guards.Company structureAvon Security organisational structure is clear and well established. We operate aclear and effective complaints procedure. Details of our directors are provided onmost company literature and can be found on our website.*The companys accounts and finance are maintained to appropriate standards andensure a solid financial position at all times.InsuranceWe fully comply with the insurance requirements of the standard which requirespublic, contractual, efficacy and employer’s liability insurance for the provision ofsecurity guards and services.Staffing and TrainingThese areas are dealt with in detail in the Avon Security information pack ‘UKSecurity Officer Handbook’
  2. 2. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED B UK SecurityBENCHMARKUniforms and equipmentOur uniforms are designed to make our staff readily identifiable and accessible tostaff and customers. Avon Security, we believe that a security officer is often the firstpoint of contact between a client and a customer or visitor. It is therefore vital that ourofficers portray professionalism and smart appearance at all times. Our staffs alsowear SIA leniencies identification badges at all times - depending on the site and therole, these will also serve as name badges. All staff carry their SIA badges while onduty.SuppliersIn the rare event that Avon Security makes use of a specialist subcontractor, we willobtain agreement from the customer and satisfy ourselves that the subcontractor meetsour own strict standards.SalesWe will conduct all our sales in an open and professional manner, in keeping with theAvon Security core values. We will supply potential clients with all relevantinformation in the form of our leaflet. Further information is available on request.The intermediate step between contact and commencement of service is a siteinspection. We will document the results of this inspection in the form of a report,which identifies any health and safety or security issues.Security quotesAll our quotes are provided in writing. Included in our quotations is the followinginformation: • Terms and conditions • Total costing of the service and the method of payment • Contract details, including procedure for termination and penalty clauses • Our liabilities • Holiday arrangements • Confidentiality clausesAll our contracts are in writing and signed by both parties.
  3. 3. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED C UK SecurityBENCHMARKOperational manualEach site will require an operational manual, which will be made available to allAvon Security staff and the client. This should include information and procedureswhich are established in consultation with the client. This information will include: • The site address and method of access • Emergency procedures • Details of the clients facilities which may be used by Integral staff • Hazard identification • Duties of personnel involved in the assignmentStandard dutiesAvon Security provides an outstanding service to our clients. The requirements ofeach site are different and our commitment to added value means that a securityofficers duties may vary considerably from site to site. The following services arerecognised as being a basis of all our assignments: • The protection of our clients property, premises and staff from all threats, both internal and external • Testing equipment and reporting maintenance issues • Managing movements on the site • Handling external calls and enquiries (if required to do so) • Supporting management in day-to-day operations • Managing and reporting incidentsSite recordsEach of our sites is provided with an Avon Security Record Folder which contains allthe forms required for staff to document all relevant information. This folder serves tokeep all documentation together in an easily accessible location for consultation bythe client and by our own staff.Incident reports are of particular importance. A sample record folder is available onrequest.
  4. 4. UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT WHEN PRINTED D UK SecurityBENCHMARKDeveloping Folder/File Systems and ProcessesThe information above gives us a good standard to achieve as atarget for ‘best practice’– Action Plan Requires producing in-house operational Policies and P*Already producedBasic Folders RequiredCompany StructureInsuranceStaffing and trainingUniforms and equipmentSuppliersSalesSecurity quotesOperational manualStandard dutiesSite records Clive B 27 March 2008