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Action science 2 facebook may 2013 (2)


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Action science 2 facebook may 2013 (2)

  1. 1. Action Science – Participant ObservationRichard Johnson Making HistoriesConclusion – Leads to State/Monopoly Capitalism with a liberal democraticideology using war in both theory and practice to gain more territory throughland grabs, the Washington Consensus, sustainable development andNational Competition…Plan andPlanningGuidelines RationalOrganisationPatterns ofBehaviourGraham WallasThe Art of Thought 1950PreparationIncubationIlluminationVerificationHypothesisReductionEmpiricalGeneralisationDoing thingsPlan Do CheckActReflectConceptualModelSocial ResearchEveryday LivingPresentationWrite UpCritiqueHISTORICAL FRAMEKEY: PBOG Model – Social RealityConceptualModel
  2. 2. is Production Function?Factors of production means inputs and finished goods means output. Inputdecides the quantity of output i.e. output depends upon input. Input is thestarting point and output is the end point of production process and such input-output relationship is called as "Production Function".All factors of production like land, labour, capital and entrepreneur are requiredaltogether at a time to produce a commodity. In economics, production meanscreation or an addition of utility.4 Factors of Production In Economics - Meaning ↓Factors of production refers to inputs required for conducting production. Inputis the starting point of every production activity.
  3. 3. According to Prof. Benham, "Anything that contributes towards output is afactor of production."Mere existence of anything doesnt make it a factor of production but itscontribution in production process is a necessary condition. Dr. AlfredMarshall described factors of production as "Agents of Production".Cooperation among factors is essential to produce anything because productionis not a job of single factor.Four Factors of Production In Economics - Chart ↓Following chart provides brief tabulated information on 4 factors of production.Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneur - Articles ↓Land is a Natural Factor of Production and Features of Land.What is Labour and Labourer? Meaning and Features of Labour.What is Capital? Meaning, Features and Types of Capital.Who is Entrepreneur? Qualities / Skills of an Entrepreneur.Subsidise Enterprise with Management all the rest followsEnterprise regulatory reform bill
  4. 4. PBOG: the sociology of organisational life –Controlling mechanismsBy Clive Burgess copyright 2009KEYPLAN Patterns ofBEHAVIOURCoordinationCompetenceImplementReviewFocusFeed-BackFollowCooperationCONSULTATIONPARTICIPATEMeetingsSANCTIONSMANAGEKey PerformanceIndicatorsGUIDELINESLegal or otherRationalORGANISATIONInterpretMain ElementsAspectControlling MechanismProcess DirectionCOMPLIANCEConditionSelf-RegulationAuditEnforceEncourageCONFORMITYCompetitionTEAMWORKRoles andResponsibilitiesSUPERVISIONDirectInform Instruct TrainCopy and Paste Link to PBOG