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Poster presented at MLA '08 on Integrating EBP and Library Research Skills in the Physical Therapy Curriculum

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  1. 1. Integrating Evidence-based Practice and Library Research Skills into the Physical Therapy Curriculum Clista Clanton, MSLS, AHIP Baugh Biomedical Library University of South Alabama
  2. 2. Course Overview
  3. 5. Camtasia tour
  4. 9. Unit 5: Searching the Literature: Part 2 - Lecture
  5. 14. Course Feedback <ul><li>Overall, I thought is was a very helpful course...I think it is relevant and should be a mandatory part of the curriculum. Initially, I thought it would be a waste of my time but as I started going through the course, I realized how helpful it will be the next few semesters and how helpful it will be in my future use...I also realized how ignorant I have become in the library sciences and I mean that in a good way that I am happy I learned something new… </li></ul><ul><li>as for dislikes, not many people would say they like a library course but with that being said I thought it was a good course to have no significant dislikes except for the stigma of it being a library course. </li></ul>
  6. 15. <ul><li>This course was helpful and introduced me to a variety of databases, many of which I was not aware. I still do not feel good about doing searches, but I take responsibility for that. I just need to go back through the tutorials and practice the search examples you provided as feedback. I believe that will help a lot. On that note, I greatly appreciated your comments and guidance throughout the course, and the examples of your searches were a good instruction tool. </li></ul>
  7. 16. <ul><li>I've had a lot of information overload lately. Considering it's been years since I was really studying for my state board exams in 1989. and just a few CEUs every so often. The amt of research pathways is a lot and I am now confused which one I like better and was easy to get info. There is a lot of them that just did not produce the info I wanted , but there is a few that gave me the info I need. But whenever I get back to them I get confused which ones. I know all these are important when I search for evidence in my practice… Thanks a lot for your patience in teaching us. I am sure I have improved in my computer skills and I've learned a lot . I just hope I can retain them. </li></ul>
  8. 17. <ul><li>I thought this course was excellent. I wish I had taken it last semester when I had measurement in PT because we had to do numerous article searches. I did not know how to use the library and had to search only using the web. I like the way that you presented the lectures and database searches, it was easy to navigate the databases and assignments with your instructions and lectures. Had the course not been prepared well I can image our course requirements could have been quite frustrating. Thanks I learned so much. PS the image search was fun and very useful. </li></ul>
  9. 18. <ul><li>I really enjoyed the course and was (and still am) grateful to have a refresher on how to use the library online to find articles that I need. I think that the only challenge I will continue to face is remembering all of the information. The databases are so diverse and each is so different to use that I know I will be challenged when I first start needing to use them. I am sure that as I continue, I will find the ones I am more comfortable with. Overall, great class. And for me, necessary! Thanks! </li></ul>
  10. 19. <ul><li>Thank you. Your course has really been helpful to me in my work. I tended to use the same sources all of the time and now I know of other sources to investigate. I also have better search skills to expand or limit my searches thanks to you. </li></ul>
  11. 20. <ul><li>This would be a nice resource for us to be able to refer back to in future semesters. You have done a great job of compiling so many features in research. Perhaps the distance DPT program could put a link on our student homepage that gives us access to this course syllabus for every semester enrolled? </li></ul>
  12. 21. <ul><li>I've been bookmarking each tutorial site, saving the pdf's, or, cut & pasting key parts of a page or site into a word document named 'Clista's Tips'. I made the assumption that the info would not be available to me after October, but it sure would be great if I could access the info forever. ( Note: I made a web page that mirrored the site so students could access the information after the course was over.) </li></ul>
  13. 22. <ul><li>I am so glad this course was required for incoming students. I would have been lost trying to figure a search out by myself. </li></ul><ul><li>What I continue to find is that my search skills have improved tremendously. Each data base seems to have some pros and cons...I really liked Scopus of this group. However, I also had the best luck yet with Hooked on Evidence. I have tried to use it in the past and not gotten articles that were quite appropriate. This course had been very helpful. </li></ul>
  14. 23. <ul><li>I think that a requirement for PT's to renew their license would be to take a 2 hour online EBM course. Most PT's that I know are not familiar with EBM and are not involved in their state PT organizations to become familiar with EBM. </li></ul><ul><li>I've decided I'm going to give my fellow PT's an inservice on PICO & EBM, because where I work we have a clinical library link right on the computer page we use everyday. However, I know that most of them don't use it because they don't know/remember how to search quickly. </li></ul>
  15. 24. <ul><li>I am enjoying this week's assignment. I think that PICO can carry into your personal life where it states to get the right answer you first need to ask the right question. Will have to teach my kids this!!! Anyway, am finding this course quite beneficial to me starting my DPT. </li></ul>