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Academy 3 Tech Options


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Academy 3 Tech Options

  1. 1. Instructions for calling in your podcast. 1.Call toll free 1-888-65-GCAST (888-654-2278) 2.Enter the “primary phone number” - 267-893-2000 3.Enter the PIN - 1620 4.Record your podcast and follow the instructions to delete, re- record, and publish. Instructions for creating your 1. Visit and sign in (you created accounts in Academy 1) 2. Click the Create tab 3. Upload - Select URL a. You can search to find images or review the ones posted here 6pkq. Right click on the images and select “copy image location” or copy the URL address of the image on Flickr. 4. Comment - Select the Text option 5. Share - Make your Voicethread public Instructions for posting your poem 1.Visit the World for President Obamaʼs inaugural address at 2.Compose your own reaction poem and post it online at Instructions for responding on 1. Select one of the following two options for responding to the speech on Google Docs: a. Respond to specific questions - b. Respond with a letter to President Obama - Choose Your Own Response