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C:\fakepath\gandhi and mandela part 2


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Powerpoint on Mohandas Gandhi and Nelson Mandela

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C:\fakepath\gandhi and mandela part 2

  1. 1. Gandhi and Mandela<br />By Clinton Schooler<br />
  2. 2. Apartheid<br />A system of legal racism and segregation that was enforced in South Africa between 1948 and 1994<br />The majority of South Africa consisted of non-whites, while whites as the minority reserved this power to segregate those of color<br />The act of apartheid sparked many times of resistance inside South Africa<br />Nelson Mandela was a major advocate and driving force towards ending the apartheid<br />Mandela’s inauguration to the presidential position of South Africa in 1994 marked the beginning of the end of apartheid<br />Although it has been abolished, apartheid has shaped the way society looks and acts today in South Africa<br />
  3. 3. Satyagraha<br />The term Satyagraha refers to an act of nonviolent resistance that was developed Mohandas Gandhi to fight the injustices of colonization<br />The word stems from two Sanskrit words<br />Satya – meaning truth<br />Agraha – meaning insistence<br />This form of resistance influenced two major civil rights activists in the last century; Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela<br />A person who acts in this form of nonviolent resistance is called a satyagrahi<br />Gandhi’s most famous acts of satyagraha were his hunger strikes<br />
  4. 4. African National Congress<br />The African National congress is commonly abbreviated as ANC<br />Along with the support of a tripartite alliance with the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African Communist Part (SACP) the ANC has been the governing left-wing party in South Africa since the establishment of non-racial democracy in April 1994<br />The group defines itself as the “disciplined force of the left”<br />The ANC has been the ruling party of the South African government since the end of Apartheid<br />Nelson Mandela was a part of the ANC in his time of inaguration<br />
  5. 5. Dandi Salt March<br />The Dandi Salt March in 1930 was a 240 mile walk that was led by Mohandas Gandhi in response to an unfair tax imposed on salt in India<br />It was the most organized and effective challenge on British authority in the colonized India<br />The purpose of the march was to produce salt from the sea without the tax<br />Once Gandhi began producing his own salt he was arrested and cause much unrest in the nation of India<br />Over 80,000 Indians were arrested as a result of the Salt Satyagraha<br />This march is equated with triggering the wider civil disobedience movement in India<br />
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