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Introducing Fujitsu South Africa, part of the world-wide Fujitsu Group mentioning its global and local Business Services and its relationship with Information Builders (IB) and some Analyst feedback on IB.

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Fujitsu South Africa

  1. 1. Introducing Fujitsu South Africa 1 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction  Business Services  Fujitsu South Africa  Agent for Information Builders  Analyst Feedback 2 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  3. 3. Introduction 3 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  4. 4. The Fujitsu Group Ranked fourth in the Three world for global IT growth services & computing strategies systems Two client perspectives: One integrated IT addressing both local & global client needs 4 product & service portfolio 4 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  5. 5. Corporate roots in Japan Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan Established: 1935 President: Masami Yamamoto 173,000 employees 70 country operations R&D spend: US$ 2.9 bill. Fujitsu Headquarters Tokyo, Japan Research facilities: Japan, US, UK, Germany, China Manufacturing locations: Net sales FY11* US$ 58,016 million Japan, Asia, Europe, North America Operating income* US$ 1,284 million * Fujitsu Group figures for fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. US$ 1 = ¥82 5 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  6. 6. Our growth strategiesHelping our customers’ customers:  Improving our customers’ businesses, not just their ITCreating value through environmental commitment:  Reducing our customers’ environmental footprintExpanding globally:  Thinking globally, acting locally Underpinned by our philosophy “Through our constant pursuit of innovation, the Fujitsu Group aims to contribute to the creation of a networked society that is rewarding and secure, bringing about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world.” 6 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  7. 7. Helping our customers’ customers Based on insight of end- user needs, we integrate Understanding people, processes and IT to fulfill our customers’ business requirements Implementation OUR CUSTOMER’S OUR CUSTOMER CUSTOMERS Optimisation Service Improvement 7 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  8. 8. Expanding globally…As a global company, we assure security and trust.We provide global delivery and project management. Sweden Finland Northern 5 multi-lingual service desks Ireland UK Russia supporting 29 languages Canada Estonia Germany Potential for a ―follow the sun‖ service Poland China 3 global delivery centers (remote US China Japan Portugal infrastructure management and applications management) 5 regional delivery centers India Thailand Philippines Costa Rica Philippines Fujitsu data centers* Malaysia Singapore Pins denote country not city; presence not number of locations Brazil Australia South Africa South Africa Global  Scale and integration  Knowledge, assets and expertise  Delivery capabilities  Project management *A representative selection of our main data center locations.. 8 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  9. 9. Acting locally…A strong, autonomous,local management ethos … Rolf Schwirz CEO Fujitsu Technology Solutions/ CEMEA&I Region *  Fostering local client relationships Regional service desks: Berlin, Maarssen, Paris, Johannesburg  Building on comprehensive local Global delivery centers in CEMEA&I: insight and understanding Lisbon, Lodz, Kazan  Supporting local decision- Regional data centers: Paderborn, Neckarsulm, Maarssen, Zürich, making Gossau, Madrid, Johannesburg  Providing the assurance of local accountability and responsiveness ...all backed up by our global organisation. 9 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  10. 10. Business Services 10 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  11. 11. Business Services Fujitsu Global IT Portfolio Business Services Application Services Managed Infrastructure Services Product Support Services 11 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  12. 12. Business Services Fujitsu South African Portfolio Managed Infrastructure Services IT Consulting Services Financial & Remarketing Services Product Support Services Business Enablement Services 12 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  13. 13. Fujitsu South Africa 13 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  14. 14. Fujitsu in South AfricaThe South African operation is fully integrated with the global Fujitsu Model. As partof this, it is the location for the Fujitsu Southern Hemisphere call centre supporting>17000 Europe/UK based end users, a Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)facility which has been entrusted with the support of +-3000 servers in Finland, aswell as a S/W development and support centre for Fujitsu in Europe.Fujitsu offers a full array of IT services, from IT consulting and systems integration tomanaged services and outsourcing. An important benefit for our customers is theability to harness the expertise and resources of the world wide network of Fujitsucompanies to augment our local capabilities. 14 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  15. 15. Fujitsu in South Africa  263 employees  177 service employees • 40 % application services • 50% infrastructure services • 10% field services  Offices in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth Johannesburg  Reference customers: • Siemens • Department of Labour Bloemfontein • Barclays Durban • Vodacom • Makro • South African Airways • Western Cape Department of Education Port Elisabeth • Chevron Caltex Cape Town • Mangaung Metro Offices 15 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  16. 16. South AfricaCase Studies Waterberg Govt of Botswana Department of Defence 16 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  17. 17. Agent for Information Builders 17 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  18. 18. Information BuildersCorporate Background  A major independent global software vendor  Founded in 1975  Our core values  Customer service  Technology innovation  1,450 employees in 60 offices  12,000 major customer sites  Tens of millions of users  OEM relationships add 30,000+ sites  Strong penetration in all major vertical markets  Significant industry partnerships  Long-term partnerships with our customers 18 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  19. 19. Analyst feedback 19 19 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  20. 20. Why WebFOCUS: Industry Recognition Forrester: BI Wave – Market Leader Gartner: BI Magic Quadrant – Leader Gartner: Managed File Transfer Quadrant – Visionary Gartner: Data Integration Quadrant – Visionary Gartner: Recognised new comer in Data Quality and MDM Markets Ventana Research: Performance Management – Hot Vendor Ventana Research: Business Intelligence – Hot Vendor Dresner: Wisdom of the Crowds BI Study – Highest Among Peers Dresner: Mobile BI Study – Highest Among Peers Business Application Research Center (BARC). Information Builders’ BI solution, WebFOCUS, was ranked highest in overall quality and support in the Enterprise BI Tools peer group. Oct 2011 20 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  21. 21. WebFOCUS supports Gartner leading technologiesWebFOCUS Gartner Top 5 TechnologiesFeatures and Mobile and Social Next Generation Social Analytics Storage classfunctionality media tablets communications Analytics memory and collaborationBI Fully Supported Fully Supported Fully Supported Fully Supported Fully SupportedWF Mobile Any Device Portable BI Ease of Use  Dashboards     Corporate   Risk Management Collaboration PerformanceSecurity Cell level    Data Quality     Enterprise     SearchVisualisation   Gadgets  In Memory VisualSpatial / Maps GIS Adapter     21 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  22. 22. Analyst AccoladesVentana Research Ranked #1 by Ventana Research, and the only vendor to be ranked as ―Hot‖ in the Ventana Research Value Index for Performance Management 22 22 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  23. 23. Analyst AccoladesVentana Research  Rated the highest ―Customer Assurance‖ for Performance Management Solutions 23 23 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  24. 24. Gartner’s View on BI SaaS Gartner outlines three major factors that will expand use and drive BI: Consumerisation of BI (BI tools must be simple, mobile and ―fun‖); Support for extreme data performance and emerging data sources such as social analytics; BI as a decision platform (Gartner says improved decision making is the key driver of BI purchases). The reports also addresses SaaS BI adoption. While only 27% of respondents were using SaaS BI or intended to do so within 12 months, Gartner reports steady momentum in SaaS BI adoption. This is because ―customers appreciate a quick time to value, lower upfront costs and the ability to leverage external expertise — business knowledge and/or technical skills — not available in-house‖. 24 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa
  25. 25. 25 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu South Africa