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Technical Advancement Pushes Online Shopping Up the Scales


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Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital unveils their most up-to-date schemes in online marketing to cater to the current influx of technical advancements.

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Technical Advancement Pushes Online Shopping Up the Scales

  1. 1. Technical Advancement Pushes Online Shopping Up the Scales©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital unveils their most up-to-date schemes in online marketing to cater to the current influxof technical advancements.Oracle Digital, the leading SEO Company in Western Australia, has announced thedevelopment of its newest online marketing campaign tools and techniques designed tohelp local online businesses to take advantage of the increasing popularity of highly-advanced technological gadgets such as the iPad and other tablet PCs. This is inconnection with the latest studies that show how these technical developments haveinfluenced the buying market.Among the industries that have started using tablet PCs as a means to further theirbusiness is the cruise industry, which over the years, has incorporated tablet PCs intotheir services - from their restaurants, to their virtual tours and other offerings. Accordingto sources, this is a testament as to how the platform has gone beyond set limitations.With these recent developments in the cruise industry, most cruises now offer Wi-Fiservices to cater to each of their passengers’ needs and to maximise the efficiency andfunctionality of their online services. This is attested to by Eric Merz, the Director of GuestTechnology of the Carnival Cruise Line.According to Merz, “The emerging tablet market has opened the door to a great deal offlexibility with how we are able to interact with our show control systems.” He went on tosay, “Tablets are lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and very versatile with respect to thefeatures that they can provide. The app market continues to grow, and often times we findthat available tablet applications will satisfy our needs without the need for costly customsoftware development.”In another business aspect, cruises have found good use for tablet PCs with theirregistration and check-in processes, according to Janet Kim, Fleet Youth ProgramSupervisor of Norwegian Cruise Lines. She went on to say, “Tablets have helped tostreamline the Youth Programs registration and check-in processes on Norwegian Epic,making it a much smoother and faster process for parents to get registration done so theycan start enjoying their family vacation.”Studies have likewise shown that using tablet PCs is not limited to the younger generationalone. Currently, people in every age group, from the young to the old, are using thisdevice for games, apps, music, and ultimately, to browse the internet either to makeonline searches and for other purposes.This observation is further supported by James Corby, Business Development Director ofOracle Digital. Corby says, “The growing popularity of the iPad and other tablet devices isa signal for traditional businesses to finally engage in the virtual realm. With the expectedincrease in the number of consumers using this platform – it is highly necessary that oneis able to utilise it accordingly in order to gain an edge against competitors.”©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Corby further adds, “Oracle Digital have always been focused on getting amazing resultsfor our customers, and if we allowed our customers to use out-dated web platforms, thenof course we would be doing them an injustice.”It is in part of these latest technological advancements that Oracle Digital has released itsmost stringent SEO procedures, social marketing strategies, and efficient online marketingtools to help traditional industries improve their current offerings to the public to ensuremore sales along the way.Oracle Digital is a Digital Company in Perth that provides services to Adelaide, Brisbane,Melbourne, and Sydney. If you are interested to know more about the company and theirservices, call them at 1300 899 851. Or visit their websiteat©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3