Survey Shows Online Shopping Behaviour of Online Shoppers in Australia


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Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital launches new strategic online campaign tools for a more feasible local online business.

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Survey Shows Online Shopping Behaviour of Online Shoppers in Australia

  1. 1. Survey Shows Online Shopping Behaviour of Online Shoppers in Australia©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital launches new strategiconline campaign tools for a more feasible local online business.Oracle Digital, the leading Internet Marketing Company in Western Australia, hasannounced the launching of its most effective SEO strategies and web marketingtechniques that will help local businesses foster a reputable image that would, in effect,lead them to compete with other retailers both in the local and international scenes. This isin relation to recent studies showing the increasing importance of online stores forconsumers all over the world.In a recent survey conducted by MasterCard, consumers are actually buying their goodsfrom local online retailers, the said survey showing that around 75% of consumers havebeen supporting home-grown companies instead of international ones.As shown in a recent survey about the shopping behaviour of online shoppers, thisoutright support for local online companies can be attributed to the latter’s faster deliverytime and the consumer’s choice to make purchases only from brands that they trust andare familiar with.Andrew Cart, the Country Manager of MasterCard in Australia, re-affirms this view. Hebelieves that there is a very big potential waiting for small enterprises that are planning togo online, despite the threat of international retailers looming over them.Cart says, “More and more, shoppers are rewarding local stores who invest in and updatetheir online presence.” He then says, “Presenting an innovative and fun experience isbecoming a vital tactic for those wishing to gain a loyal customer base.”Analysts have also noted that department stores will need to boost their campaignprocedures and online offerings in order to be able to address the increasing demand ofonline shoppers and to win over their competitors. Unfortunately, there are localcompanies who have not heeded this call.Recent studies show that local retailers who did not bother to establish extensive onlinevisibility and strategies have been getting poor earnings, this despite the NAB indexshowing that online business sales grew by 29% in 2011.Examples of such local retailers who did not embrace online strategies are David Jonesand Myer, which reported a profit plunge or 40% an 17.5% percent, respectively.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. In an interview, Paul Zahra, the chief executive of David Jones, admitted that hisdepartment store did not really invest that much in online tools and did not put too muchfocus on online shopping. However, because of the company’s recent losses and afterseeing the efficiency of online strategies – Zahra disclosed that his company is planning todo more investments for online shopping and will offer more products towards the lastquarter of 2012.In line with this recent finding, Clint Maher, Director of Operations of Oracle Digital,explains the efficiency of online shopping, "The need to go online is an indispensablemove towards achieving sustainable business growth... Its quite exciting to see thedramatic uptrend in searches for consumables and gifts this year. If I were a retailerwithout an online sales division, then I would be very, very worried."Indeed, in an environment that has been drastically changed by the Internet – it is hightime that retailers are able to go with the trends and strive to make their services evenbetter. And this is why Oracle Digital has released its up-to-date social marketingstrategies, along with ethical SEO practices which aim to help local businesses establishtheir reputation efficiently and a whole lot easier.Oracle Digital is the leading name when it comes to reputation management in WesternAustralia. The company caters to clients from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, andSydney. If you want to know more about the company and their services, give them a callat 1300 899 851, or visit their website at©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3