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Small Business Owners Bag Small Business Championship Award with Online Strategies


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Digital marketing company Oracle Digital unveils its rapid support system in order to help businesses interact better with customers.

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Small Business Owners Bag Small Business Championship Award with Online Strategies

  1. 1. Small Business Owners Bag Small Business Championship Award with Online Strategies©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Digital marketing company Oracle Digital unveils its rapidsupport system in order to help businesses interact better withcustomers.Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital, considered to be among Australia’s top SEO anddigital marketing companies, has explained how having an efficient customer supportsystem will bring a company to greater heights - with the help of online tools.In the recently concluded 2012 Australian Small Business Champion Awards held atSydney, Australia - two small business owners were awarded with respective honours inlight of their contribution to the industry and their online endeavours.Nathan Dale, awarded as Australia’s Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur, isthe owner of Intact Group – a company based in Sydney that is engaged in themanagement of properties and facilities.Glen King, bestowed with the award as Small Business Champion Entrepreneur, is thefounder of King’s Fibreglass – an 18 year old company, whose business started out atKing’s backyard, but is now considered as among the most modern and innovativebusinesses in Victoria.According to analysts, these two companies’ successes are attributable to their visibilitiesover the internet, through which they were able to update their prospective and currentclients with new products and services that they wanted to make known, while theirwebsite became a platform to efficiently communicate with their customers and clients.Australia’s Minister for Small Business, Brendan O’Connor, in describing the feats of thetwo awardees and the importance of small business owners, said: "Our two million smallbusiness owners work incredible hours with incredible focus. They provide jobs for aroundfive million Australians and contribute over a third of the total industry value added that isgenerated in our economy.”And with this excellence in performance by the two companies, they were able to ensurethe satisfaction of their customers and the higher level of performance for their services,thereby making them recipients of their respective awards.This efficiency of having an online presence and an efficient online customer service toboot is confirmed by James Corby, Director of Business Development of Oracle Digital.He says, “With the proper Internet tools, such as our Rapid Support System - a smallbusiness will be able to reach a wider market, will have a quicker method of responding toenquiries of clients and will be able to efficiently provide a higher degree of service whichtraditional retailing, simply cannot do.”©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. He then adds, “With the proper Internet tactics and the proper customer support system, Iwill not be surprised if a small enterprise becomes big in a very quick and fast pace. Onejust needs to find the right company to assist in making this possible.”Indeed, it can be gleaned that with the importance of small to medium enterprises in thecountry – utilising the internet and a rapid support system to make their services evenbetter will bring numerous benefits not only to their clients but to the public as a whole.Oracle Digital, is a leading Digital Marketing Company that provides numerous internetservices, such as its Rapid Support Desk system, Reputation Management system, SEOand Social Marketing tactics and many others – to clients from Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane,Melbourne and Sydney.For more information about the company and its services, do not hesitate to call them at1300 899 851 or you can visit their business website at©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3