SEO Content – Tips for Creating Content That Counts


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Content is what search engines crawl to determine what your pages are about. Those determinations are part of what brings you organic traffic and helps you gain online exposure in the search engines. Web content isn’t just limited to your own website, either. Content online, at large, can be a major contributor to your e-commerce success. The more quality content out there, the more chances you have for success. The right content could help you get SEO rankings and traffic and help you convert readers into customers. Here are some tips to help you make your content really count.

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SEO Content – Tips for Creating Content That Counts

  1. 1. SEO Content – Tips for Creating Content That Counts©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Content is what search engines crawl todetermine what your pages are about.Those determinations are part of whatbrings you organic traffic and helps yougain online exposure in the searchengines. Web content isn’t just limited toyour own website, either. Content online,at large, can be a major contributor toyour e-commerce success. The morequality content out there, the morechances you have for success. The rightcontent could help you get SEO rankingsand traffic and help you convert readers into customers. Here are some tips to helpyou make your content really count.Write for Search Engines But Write for People, TooWhen you create web content, try to create it for two audiences: 1) The People and2) The Search Engines. Content can drive traffic but it can also drive sales, too. Ifyou write for one audience and not the other, you’re not maximising the potential ofyour web content. Learn to write in a way (or hire a professional to do it for you)that talks to people and search engine spiders. It can be done in a way that willmake your pages stand out like beacons to search engines without being tookeyword dense or so awkwardly written that people will take one look, roll theireyes, and fly off the page in a hurry.Be Interesting / Cutting EdgeContent has to do more than work on selling people. If that’s all you have in mindwhen you write, you’ll turn off more people than you turn on. Write content with theintent to inform, interest, and engage the reader. Selling can come more easily©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. when the content meets many needs because you’ll begin to develop a relationshipand create trust with your readers. Know your industry well so that you can writebreaking news content, link bait that others will link to and notify their followers of,and gain more than a passing glance by readers when you post something new.Be ResponsiveParticipate in discussions. Generate discussions from your content and on socialmedia sites when you post about new content. Being responsive will help you buildrelationships and make people want to read your content (and act on it, too).OptimiseLearn to optimise your content for search engines and readers. Good content isimportant but good content that’s easily indexed is even better. Write content withkeywords, tags, optimised images, authority links, and an intrasite linking techniquewith strategic anchor text. Taking the time to do this will help your content packmore punch from an SEO perspective.Tell the Web You’ve Created ItDon’t simply write it and wait for people to come and read it. Generate some buzz.Use social media accounts to direct people to the content and social bookmark itas well. Tip: You can also get more traction by linking to older content within newcontent that you write as well.If you don’t have the ability or the time to create web content that will work well foryour business, don’t hesitate to get assistance. SEO content, as part of youroverall SEO strategy, could make a big different to your traffic levels. Web contentworks for you 24 x 7 x 365 to help you attract more customers and improve youronline position and profile.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. Here at Oracle Digital, we can help you with every facet of your online strategy. Wecan help with SEO services, web content, reputation management, and more. Talkto us about your business and we’d be happy to show you what we can do for youand your business.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4