Reputation Management Bound to Help Companies Prosper, Studies Show


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Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital announces the release of its reputation management strategies which will help businesses earn more trust and confidence in the virtual world.

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Reputation Management Bound to Help Companies Prosper, Studies Show

  1. 1. Reputation Management Bound toHelp Companies Prosper, Studies Show©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital announces the release ofits reputation management strategies which will helpbusinesses earn more trust and confidence in the virtual world.Trust will always play a vital role in the success of any business campaign. Businessesneed to engage in proper reputation management plan to ensure that trust and confidenceis found in their company, importantly, to retain the support of current clients and attractnew ones.This is the same view shared by Oracle Digital, the leading internet marketing company inAustralia, who has released its latest reputation management system in order to cater tothose who are planning to engage in marketing through the World Wide Web.Based on the 2011 survey by the Edelman Trust Barometer, trust played a vital role withregard to the success of both the government and business sectors. In addition, the reportlikewise stated that people are greatly affected by the trust ratings of a company.In the said survey, it was explained that every aspect of a business can be influenced bythe trust found in a company. Findings have also shown that the good news reported by atrusted company is considered more believable compared to the good news provided by adistrusted company. It also stated that search engines are the preferred source for newsor information about a company.With regard to search engine optimisation or SEO, trusted and quality sites are rankedhigher compared to low quality ones. Trustworthy sites considerably have more visitorscompared to the latter. Because of this necessity of having an excellent reputation in theonline world, it has been observed that numerous online companies are now engaging indifferent tactics - both the positive and the negative, in order to rise to the top of searchengine rankings and gain more profits using trust as a key factor.In fact, it has been reported that in several instances, unscrupulous companies usingblack hat techniques would put in false, untruthful and negative feedback or reviews abouttheir competitors just to earn the upper hand. Due to these untoward circumstances, manyexperts are now suggesting that each online company engage in the necessary reputationmanagement system in order to protect their interests accordingly. Otherwise, falseaccusations and reviews might eventually get the better of them in the end.This is explained by Clint Maher, Director of Operations for Oracle Digital. Maher says,“There are unscrupulous people and companies who will try to out-compete theircompetitors by leaving false and negative reviews, while some will actually use theircompetitor’s brand name and try to earn rankings from that. And this is why we havedesigned a reputation management product in order to pre-empt these untowardincidents.”©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. And in explaining how the company’s reputation management works to the advantage ofits clients, Maher adds, “What we offer to our clients is a system that is not aimed atdestroying others – but is one which encourages real users to give real and honestreviews. In other words, what we offer is a wholesome product that is fair, just and true notonly for our clients, but for all related parties as well.”Indeed, in a time when trust is everything – most especially in the online world, it is a mustthat one engages in proper reputation management tactics in order to protect what is rightand to fend off any negative publicity that do not have any grain of truth in them. With this,an online company will be able to get the unstained trust that it deserves, as well as moreprofits in the long run. Oracle Digital is a trusted SEO company in Australia that providesefficient reputation management to clients from Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne andSydney. For enquiries, contact them by phone on 1300 899 851 or visit their websiteat©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3