Poise Your WordPress Web Pages for Maximum SEO Value


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Poise Your WordPress Web Pages for Maximum SEO Value

  1. 1. Poise Your WordPress Web Pages for Maximum SEO Value ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Are SEO and WordPress a Match Made in Heaven?WordPress is a popular site platform. Not only is it easy to use but search engines seem to loveit, too. Many small businesses see a dramatic difference in their traffic levels when they createa well-optimised WordPress site. You can find free templates, premium templates, and it’shighly customisable.When you create a WordPress site, there are some great search engine optimisation elementsalready built in (as well as some very useful plug-ins available) that you should take advantageof. And it’s highly important that you remember, search engines don’t simply send traffic towebsites…they send traffic to web pages. It’s not just quality over quantity. It’s also aboutmaking your pages as visible and as value-oriented as possible.Every page you create for your site is akin to a beacon for potential customers. The more youoptimise each page, the more potential it creates for visitors and search engines alike. Themore visible to search engines you are, the more potential there will be for free organic traffic— a high converting and low cost type of website traffic.Permalink StructureIf you develop a new WordPress site and leave it as is your pages will have links that will looksomething like this: www.wordpressblog.com/post123. A better way to set up your permalinksis for SEO purposes like this: www.wordpressblog.com/relevantcategoryname/keyword-rich-page-title. By creating this customised permalink structure and by telling search engines thatyour page is highly relevant to your niche, you increase the SEO power of that page. The moreobvious your topic, the more likely the search engines will understand what sort of traffic tosend you.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. Categories and TagsBeyond simply creating pages and publishing them, there are many ways to optimise them forvisual appeal and SEO weight. Search engines measure web pages against a very long list ofpotential attributes and your pages will receive a higher score when you take the time toleverage many of the SEO tools WordPress has.When you create pages, you can split them into categories. Not only will this help searchengines find out what your page is about but it’ll help searchers as well. (Learn moreabout information silos and SEO)It’s not just about the search engines…you need to organiseyour site so that it’s easy for people to navigate and find what they need. Your visitors probablywon’t stay on the pages for long if it’s not quickly evident how they can find the info they need.If people can search based on categories and tags on the site the existence of those phrases inrelation to the page will increase the SEO weight of the page as well as help you keep peopleon your site longer. Be sure to take advantage of the tags field as well. A few words that arerelevant to the post and to your niche will help illustrate, in detail, what that page is about.PhotosIf every page has photos, this is yet another way to capture the attention of searchengines andpeople. Every picture aids in telling a story. But it also offers a way to increase therelevance of a page to a specific set of keyword phrases. Optimising images is another way topoise your page for maximum SEO value.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  4. 4. KeywordsIntegrating the right words into the pages strategically can add to the perceived relevance bysearch engines. If you are a pet store in Ellenbrook, a wedding photographer or day spa inPerth, an SEO and web design company servicing Western Australia, or want to gain trafficfrom all over the world, keyword research, Long tail SEO, and strategic keyword integration arean important part of your web page design strategy.WordPress offers infinite possibilities for a robust site that is friendly to you, as the companyowner, to search engines, for the purposes of attracting organic traffic, and for the purposes ofmarketing your audience — the people you want to develop relationships with. There are manyelements of a successful website both from a marketing and from an SEO perspective. If youneed help creating or optimising your website, Oracle Digital has the knowhow and the proventrack record to make it happen.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3