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Oracle Digital Helps Local Enterprises Widen their Scope in the Consumer Market


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Leading online marketing company Oracle Digital expands its SEO services with their new set of online tools and marketing techniques intentionally designed to help local enterprises improve their level of competency in the trading and business industry.

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Oracle Digital Helps Local Enterprises Widen their Scope in the Consumer Market

  1. 1. Oracle Digital Helps Local Enterprises Widen their Scope in the Consumer Market©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Leading online marketing company Oracle Digital expands itsSEO services with their new set of online tools and marketingtechniques intentionally designed to help local enterprisesimprove their level of competency in the trading and businessindustry.SEO Expert Oracle Digital, Australia’s leading e-commerce solution provider, has justreleased its new set of online tools specifically developed to assist local businessesachieve a wider consumer share in the market – both for walk-in retail stores and theonline arena. This is in conjunction with the rising trend of consumers who use the Internetfor products and services searches.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 35 percent of small businessesactually operate from rural areas. This means that they will have to handle or transactbusiness operations from huge distances.This problem however, will soon be addressedwith the implementation of a broadband network across Australia. With this expansion,more and more people will be able to use the Internet for e-commerce. It is bound to helpmore businesses earn substantially from their business endeavours.Birdsnest is one good example of a business that operates from a rural home base andgained a nationwide popularity. It is located at Cooma, South Wales - which, despite thedistance from its clients, is continually gaining considerable profits from consumerscoming from different parts of the country. Sources said that the online women’s fashionretailer has reached more customers through its online stores.Numerous reports have also shown that online marketing is not only available to rural-based companies alone. Currently, Adidas, the global sportswear company, hasintensified its online campaigns in order to entice more customers to support their brand,and to maintain the interest of its customers from all over the world.In another report, online company Open4Sale, has launched a new e-commerce strategymeant to create a more personal approach for its current and prospective customers. Thisis made possible through video conferencing, which according to the company, willstrengthen its relationship with its customers and provide an online shopping experiencewhich is more interactive."The market is clearly ready for change and eager to adopt new technology," attestedSimon La Barrie, the founder of Open4Sale. Barry Gilbert, former CEO of Smith andHawken, also agrees with this view, saying that technology must be adopted by retailersin order to maintain its competitiveness in the market.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. James Corby, the Business Development Director of Oracle Digital, further supports thisclaim by saying, “The Internet is the best platform that a business can use to reach awider market and to ensure that its customers are satisfied. And with all the Internet toolsavailable for those who are interested – then it can be honestly said that doing businesswith this platform is more efficient and will provide more success.”Oracle Digital has intensified its various e-commerce solutions and marketing techniquesby providing a stronger on-page and off- page optimisation services, extensive keywordresearch procedures, and social media marketing methods and a whole lot of valuableSEO products and services in order to help local enterprises to benefit from theopportunities that the web can offer.Oracle Digital is an expert SEO Agency in Perth who also offers SEO Services inAdelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. The company is recognised in WesternAustralia as the best in the field. If you have some questions or need their services, youcan call them at 1300 899 851 or visit the company’s website at©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3