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Oracle Digital Exposes the Power of Online PR in Web Marketing Campaigns


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Leading Internet marketing firm explains how online Press Releases can significantly increase brand awareness and profitability for businesses.

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Oracle Digital Exposes the Power of Online PR in Web Marketing Campaigns

  1. 1. Oracle Digital Exposes the Power of Online PR in Web Marketing Campaigns©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Leading Internet marketing firm explains how online Press Releases cansignificantly increase brand awareness and profitability for businesses.Oracle Digital, one of the top web marketing firms in Australia, has revealed howusing an online Press Release can powerfully increase the brand awareness forbusinesses, which can result in attracting a wider target market and moreprofitability in the long run.This proclamation from the company is in connection with new reports showinghow online PR is achieving such positive impacts, in light of the numerous benefitsit brings to those businesses that utilise it.According to experts, the primary purpose of a press release is to generate buzzabout a company or product, and to create a lasting impression to industry leaders,as well as to consumers. In effect, the purpose of an online PR is to createawareness about a particular brand or product, spark consumers’ interest, andbuild a consistent following.With the wide popularity of the Internet and web marketing tools such as SearchEngine Optimisation and social media, the importance of PR for businesses hasbecome even more apparent. And as attested to by industry experts, acombination of efficient web marketing strategies and an effective PR campaignwill do wonders for any business whether large or small.Business professionals also added that being mentioned inside major mediaoutlets is a good strategy – having their business news and website links includedin an online media authority will bring a raft of benefits, such as higher searchengine rankings and a direct increase in sales enquiries.Unfortunately, despite the numerous advantages that this promotional strategybrings – not all businesses have shown a keen interest in including it in theirbusiness marketing plans. And industry experts emphasised that this is a prevailingmistake that may eventually take it’s toll on a business, in light of how the currentGoogle crackdown on quality content and links has brought the rankings ofbusiness websites under the microscope in recent times.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Many experts reiterate the importance of online PR – combined with an activesocial media campaign and the right SEO methods to achieve overall success.This is the same view shared by James Corby, Oracle Digital’s BusinessDevelopment Director. He said, “Online PR is indispensable to the business worldright now. After all, it helps create greater brand awareness, a sustainable onlinepresence and a bigger impact both in the virtual and real world.”Corby then added, “I am really surprised as to why there are still businesses whochoose not to use advanced promotional and marketing strategies, when online PRand Internet marketing has already been proven to be the most profitable and costeffective marketing platform in modern times.”Oracle Digital is a leading Perth Internet marketing and SEO company that offersnumerous services, ranging from SEO, web marketing, reputationmanagement and other useful tools. They also offer Online Press ReleaseServices to assist their clients in gaining the upper hand over their competitors. Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3